Englisch im Studiengang Architektur

Professional English

Teacher: Patrik Schulz

Course Aim and Content

In this course we will develop and practice language and communi­cation skills in the context of archi­tecture-related topics. The course comprises two main units: Presenta­tions and Socializing. In the pres­entations unit you will be intro­duced to different aspects of presentations and we will practice techniques for effec­tive presentations. In the social­izing unit we will study video exam­ples of socializing situations and prac­tise such situations in role plays. Further elements of the course are the discussion of architecture-re­lated topics.

E-learning Component

In order to prepare for the lessons and as follow-up work you will be required to complete online assignments and submit learning results in learning forum of the course. For these activities we use the HTWG’s learning platform Moodle. On this platform you will also receive feedback on your assignments, reports and other learning acti­vities, and you will be informed about course events and dates.

The e-learning component will make up about 50% of the course work.

Course Materials

All course materials can be accessed and downloaded from HTWG Moodle.

Requirements for a grade

Due to the structure of the course and its emphasis on teamwork regular attendance is required. You will need to devote some time (up to 90 minutes per week) to work on the e-learning platform outside the classroom.The final grade will be based on the following:


  • A short presentation (5 minutes) about an information technology related topic (50%)
  • Online assignments on the Moodle learning platform, which must be submitted by the required dates. (50%)


WPfl., 2 SWS; for advanced students
Enrolment/admission possible until the second meeting - after this no more students can be admitted.