International Conference


Lake Constance 5D-Conference 2018

Constance, 14th-15th of May 2018

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5D digital construction:

the use of BIM in construction processes

Definition of 5D: 5D means augmenting the existing BIM with process and progress information to create and safeguard a higher process-integration and control from very early design to engineering, fabrication & construction onto operation & maintenance, so as to improve project results and decrease process waste.

Many construction companies worldwide have started to initiate programs for finding solutions, processes, and implementation strategies to use 5D solutions in their daily workflow. Principals have also seen the benefits of these solutions and are trying to find ways to exploit these new opportunities. Software companies on their part have identified that for the demands of 5D, which will fundamentally change existing construction processes, new software solutions have to be developed.

The 5Dinitiative, a consortium of five major construction companies, joined forces to aid this cause. Their aim is to specify pragmatic and functional requirements for these 5D solutions for the whole construction sector. For further information we would kindly like to refer you to their website