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Application for the validation of records for admission to university Qualification

Depending on the fulfillment of requirements validation of your records can lead to one of three possible outcomes of which you will be informed: 
1. You may be eligible for direct admission to universities.
2. You may need to pass the Studienkolleg Assessment Exam (Feststellungsprüfung) to be eligible for admission to universities. 
3. You may not be eligible for admission to universities.

Application documents

Use this document to apply for validation of records. Go to the downloads section for a complete list of required documents.  more ...

Authentification of application documents

Your application can only be accepted if you submit certified copies of your original records. Official certification of copies can be obtained from German notaries and German authorities authorized to use an official government seal, e.g. town halls, universities. more ...

Requirements according to countries of origin

For information on the requirements for applicants according to the country of origin go to ...


Plan ahead: when do you wish to commence your studies? What is the deadline for applying to the Studienkolleg? When do exams take place?  more ...