The Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences (HTWG) is located in the southernmost part of the Federal Republic of Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The HTWG campus is situated on the Rhine River, close to Konstanz’s historical city center. HTWG originated from the Higher Technical Institute for Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering, which was founded in 1906 through a private initiative. 

Today, the Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences offers career-oriented higher education at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels in 20 technical and professional fields including Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science, Business Administration and the highly competitive fields of Applied Communication and Culture, Management and Technology, and Communications Design.

All Bachelor’s Degree courses at HTWG require one internship semester in industry which is closely integrated into the curriculum.

In addition, 13 Master’s Degree programs offer course opportunities at the post-graduate level.

Currently HTWG has formal partnerships and student and staff exchange programs with 56 higher education institutions in 28 countries. Students from either side of an exchange can spend a semester or more at the partner institution taking classes or completing an internship.

HTWG is an important resource for Baden-Württemberg and the whole Lake Constance region, by virtue of its technical and educational facilities:

  • the library
  • the computer- and numerous technology transfer centers
  • the Institute for International Students
  • the Official Testing Center for Building Materials and Geotechnology
  • the German Welding Association training center
  • the CAD/CAM Institute
  • the CIM and SAP working groups
  • the Institute for Intercultural  Management, Values and Communication (KIeM)
  • the Konstanz Institute for Corporate Governance (KICG)
  • the Konstanz Institute for Service Management (IDM)
  • the Center for Materials Systems Technology (ZWST)
  • the Institute for Optical Systems (IOS)
  • the Institute for Natural Science and Mathematics
  • the Institute for Professional Writing (IPS)
  • HTWG’s own Institutes for Applied Research and Continuing Education
  • Lake Constance Business School (LCBS)