International Students


Studienkolleg - Center for International Students

Certification of records

Who can certify?

Certified copies of the original documents are essential for your application.

  1. Official certification of copies can be obtained in Germany from any 
    German authority (e. g. town hall, university) or German notary.   
  2. Certification can be obtained abroad only at German Embassies and Consulates. In many nations another proper way of certification from copies is by Apostille.
  1. Certification is NOT recognized from:
    non German authority
    student unions
    health insurance or
    translation agencies


How to recognize a valid certification?

Your records can only be accepted if they comply with the requirements.

An autheticated document has an official stamp and signature on it.

If more than one document is authentificated they are often kept together with a string and seal. The individual pages may be folded over at one corner and stapled . There must be an official stamp on each page.