Civil Engineering

The Department

The Department of Civil Engineering, along with the Departments of Architecture, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, is counted among the charter programs of the engineering school organized by Alfred Wachtel in 1906 that are still represented at HTWG Konstanz today.  

The department was developed from “underground construction”, later to be renamed “structural development” and finally “Civil Engineering”. The Civil Engineering Department at the technical university was suspended between 1922 and 1946 but exists today as an essential component offered by HTWG Konstanz.

How to study with us

International students can complete coursework with the Department of Civil Engineering by either taking part in an academic exchange or applying for admission to a full degree program at the HTWG Konstanz. In either case, strong German language skills are recommended for both everyday life in Constance and our classes, most of which are conducted in German.