Computer Science

The Department

Designing the Future with Computer Science
Computer Science is omnipresent in today’s world. An increasing number of devices include dedicated hardware and software which facilitate efficient operation and permit flexibility for future customization. Examples range from smart phones and consumer electronics to software platforms used in automotive navigation support. Almost all businesses and administrations, regardless of area of expertise, depend on hardware and software which computer science provides. Expertise in computer science is very often a crucial factor in determining a company’s ability to compete effectively in the market place.

The department of Computer Science offers courses which support various programs of study. These courses are application-oriented and are designed to convey fundamental knowledge of computer science, including the development and operation of complex computer systems, as well as to prepare students for the job market.

Students interested in gaining international experience can benefit from HTWG’s long-term partnerships with many well-known international universities.

The department of Computer Science takes an active role in research and works with a wide-range of industry and research institutions. Students preparing their final thesis can become deeply involved in cutting edge research projects. Most lecturers have long-term industry experience or are currently working in industry. Program admissions are limited and range from 25 to 45 students (even smaller groups for practical training, case study training or teamwork projects) to maintain a high-quality learning environment. 

How to study with us

International students can complete coursework with the Department of Computer Science by either taking part in an academic exchange or applying for admission to a full degree program at the HTWG Konstanz. In either case, strong German language skills are recommended for both everyday life in Constance and our classes, most of which are conducted in German.