International Students


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Requirements according to countries of origin

Regulations for applicants after May 1, 2014

- Prerequisite for applicants from Marocco is a Baccalauréat with "très bien", "bien" oder "assez bien". Admission with "passable" is not possible.

- Prerequisite for applicants from Indonesia is a school grade average of at least 8,0.

- Prerequisite for applicants from Nepal is a secondary school leaving certificate including a pass mark in mathematics in grade 11 or 12 and with an average score of at least 60% (valid from 01.05.2016).


All countries have different educational systems. As a result applicants need to fulfill different requirements for gaining admission to a German insitution of higher education.  

Here you can find specific information for some countries of origin:



 Applicants from other countries can check here (in German only): ZaB