Doctoral Program

What is the doctoral program?

As faculties of Universities of Applied Sciences don’t have the right to award doctoral degrees, they cooperate with universities in supervising doctoral candidates.

The cooperative doctoral program of the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences focuses on application-oriented research, because academic advancements and an orientation towards practical experience are not mutually exclusive, but rather complement each other. All departments are members of the doctoral program.

It offers transdisciplinary courses in scientific methodology and general relevant issues for future beholders of social, economic and scientific responsibility. The program aims to foster interdisciplinary competencies as well as to build a network for collaboration among the students. Besides the transdisciplinary courses the program offers department-related courses, such as natural sciences and engineering, as well as social and economic sciences. The candidates are supervised by professors of the HTWG and have the possibility to work within their respective Research Institutes for Applied Sciences.

Furthermore the program aims to continue to augment the quality of selection
and support of the doctoral candidates at the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences through constant monitoring.

With regard to the specific areas of research, the doctoral program aims for flexibility and diversity. Close cooperation with national and international economic institutions and businesses, in particular mid-size firms, is a fundamental part of the program and has strongly influenced the previous research at the university.

Director: Prof. Dr. Hanno Langweg
For general information please contact the coordinator, Géraldine Kortmann

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What does the doctoral program offer?

For the participants:
The aim of the doctoral program is to enable the participants to address their respective field of research with practical relevance in their doctoral thesis and to support them during this process. This requires both theoretical and analytical foundations as well as the ability to reflect on the acquired knowledge with regard to business practice. A very prominent objective of the doctoral program is to elaborate on and shape the interrelationships between economics and society, and business management and ethics.

In order to assure the doctoral candidates favorable conditions for effective and efficient research, while simultaneously enabling them to benefit from the methods and insights of other disciplinary areas, the accompanying program emphasizes: intensive support in small groups a continuous and cooperative dialogue between the members of the program and the supervising professors continuous monitoring of student progress.

For Firms/Organizations/Sponsors:
By supporting the doctoral program through  scholarships for individual candidates, organizations and firms can expect to benefit from innovative and relevant research results, as well as future business executives that are creative, problem-focused and highly competent.

This also offers mid-sized businesses the opportunity to have employees join the doctoral program while still working and acquire a high level of qualification, enabling significant new contributions in the workplace.

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Structural design of the program

  • Themes: Focus on applied science and practical experience while upholding high scientific standards, close cooperation with firms and institutions
  • Duration: Possibility to conduct full-time studies (3 years) or part-time studies while working (5 years)
  • Bursary/scholarship: Possibility to apply for a scholarship (full scholarship at the current standard rate of approx. 1,050 EUR monthly for three years)
  • Intensive supervision: Continuous supervision and support, and small program groups (in addition to the thesis supervisor, a mentorship program is also foreseen)
  • Cooperation with German and foreign higher education institutions and the possibility to spend a semester there, cooperation contract available with a German or foreign university and a principal thesis supervisor
  • On-site workplaces available for doctoral candidates.

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