International Students


Studienkolleg - Center for International Students

Services offered by the Studienkolleg?

The Studienkolleg offers services in connection with advising and preparing international students. Its range includes:

  • Validating records and issuing certificates required for application to Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Baden-Württemberg.
  • Offering preparatory courses for prospective students: courses to prepare for the Studienkolleg Assessment Exam (Feststellungsprüfung).
  • Offering advice concerning admission to UASs in Baden-Württemberg.

Requirements for studying in Germany 

You need to have an entrance qualification to universities in your home country and pass a German language test.

German institutions of higher education include Universities and UASs.

Students graduate from a UAS after 7-8 semesters. They spend 1 semesters in an internship at a company or organisation in germany or abroad.

If you wish to enroll at a UAS in Baden-Württemberg, please contact the Studienkolleg. We are the central authority in Baden-Württemberg.

Note: EU-citizens who wish to enroll at the UAS Pforzheim, Karlsruhe or Weingarten please apply to these universities directly.

If you wish to enroll at a university in Germany you must apply to the international students office of the university.

Chances of admission to a German university

About 8-10% of all admissions to UASs in Baden-Württemberg are reserved for non-EU citizens. For EU citizens application procedures are the same as for German applicants.

You are admitted to university according to your overall average. Currently your chances of being admitted are very good.

If you wish to enroll in engineering and science courses you will probably be admitted to the university of your choice.

If you wish to enroll in architecture or economics courses you may not be admitted to the university of your choice or you may have to wait for admission at a later date.

Which documents does the Studienkolleg require to validate my records?

 Go to the page application documents for a list of all required documents.

An application form is also available (Download Application Form (PDF)).

The Application for Recognition you can send us only after you have received your degree certificate, not before. Only the language certificate, you can send us later.

Can I take Studienkolleg exams abroad?

Our Studienkolleg Entrance Exam takes part at HTWG Konstanz and at the same time in several countries.

If you want to take the Studienkolleg Entrance Exam in your home country, please sent your complete application first. In case that you receive our admission to the Studienkolleg Entrance test and you don't have the chance to be in Konstanz in time, we can try to organize the test in your country. Please send us an E-Mail 3-4 weeks prior to the test. 



I passed the required exams. What is the next step?

The Studienkolleg is not in charge of admissions. The Studienkolleg validates the certificates you will need when applying to a UAS in Baden-Württemberg.

You will need validation of your certificates by the Studienkolleg along with a financial report to apply for a student visa at a German embassy abroad or to renew your visa at a foreigners registration office in Germany. Validation of your certificates by the Studienkolleg is a prerequisite for application to UAS in Baden-Württemberg. Deadlines for your application for recognition here are May 1st and Nov 1st. Deadlines for acceptance of your application at your desired UAS are January 15th and July 15th

If you have already passed the DSH-2, TestDaF (4,0), Goethe C2 certificate or the Studienkolleg Assessment Exam (Feststellungsprüfung) you can submit these certificates  any time without any deadline along with the certificates from your home country to the Studienkolleg for validation. In this case please clearly print "Direktzulassung" on the envelope containing your records.