Continuing Education


Konstanz Technical Acadamy

Konstanz Technical Academy (TAK)

The Konstanz Technical Academy (TAK) operates as a subsidiary of HTWG and offers continuing education in the form of in-house seminars and additional university certified qualifications.
The programs convey, update and hone in on specific professional knowledge while dealing with current topics in computer science (IT), engineering and management.  The ability to implement this expertise is also supported through seminars, which encourage the realization of professionalized behavior in the workplace.

Additional qualifications concerning complex topics such as IT project management, value management, intercultural management or infrastructure damage expertise, are designed to advance and expand existing knowledge.  These courses generally consist of several block seminars over a period of three to twelve months and are concluded with an academic certificate from HTWG.

If needed, all topics can be arranged as in-house seminars for closed business groups.  Daimler, EADS, Georg Fischer, Alcan and OCÈ and many middle-sized companies are among those who have taken advantage of our programs.

International Packaging Institute (IPI): Packaging Technology (M.Eng)

language of instruction: English

The Master’s Program in Packaging Technology is a part-time,
modular study program which focuses on current practice and developments
in the packaging industry. Expert knowledge across the whole packaging
technology value chain is conveyed and relevant skills are developed to
ensure that newly acquired knowledge is understood and applied within both the business and technical contexts. The skills developed include those needed in management and leadership positions in the packaging industry.       

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