Institut für Strategische Innovation und Technologiemanagement - IST

Marc König

Head of Coaching and Finance@bwcon

  • EXI High-tech Vouchers Project
  • CyberOne High-tech Award Baden-Württemberg
  • ACE - Accelerate Cross-Border Engagement, European Commission 
  • Advisory Board of MADE ( 
  • Member of the Business Assessment Committee at KIC InnoEnergy Germany


  • PhD candidate at the NiTiM graduate school
  • Master of Arts in Service Marketing (MA), Pforzheim University (AACSB-accredited), Graduation with distinction
  • Ethicum in Ethics and Sustainable Development, RTWE & UNESCO
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing, Pforzheim University, 

Academic career

Since 2013, Marc König is involved in research activities at the IST Institute as an integral part of a co-operation between IST and bwcon. Since 2014, Marc König has selected as an external PhD candidate at the NITIM doctoral program ( under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Baltes. Thus, his research so far has been an integral part of the preparations for this he is prepared to intensify these activities by transition to a junior researcher position at the IST Institute.  

Professional career

Marc is the Head of Coaching and Finance at bwcon. The team Coaching and Finance is in charge of the incubation and acceleration process of bwcon. The activities of the team cover the CyberOne High-tech Award, the EXI High-tech Vouchers Project, as well as the ACE-project. Furthermore, the team organizes special interest groups in the field of Business Coaching, Excubation, and Globalization in the bwcon Network. The team supports entrepreneurs along the innovation process from their first business idea to the foundation of their own company.

Alongside his job at bwcon, Marc König is part of the Advisory Board of the startup MADE, and also serves in the Assessment Committee of KIC InnoEnergy Germany. 

Previously, he served as an internal Consultant for early-stage technology venture at bwcon and was in charge of several projects in the field of high-growth entrepreneurships. Prior to that, he worked as a scientific assistant for a Member of the Lower House of the German Parliament, as well as for the Germen-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.

Recent publications 

  • Koenig, M. (2014): Market-orientation as Key Performance Indicator for Valuating and Coaching of Early-Stage Technology-Ventures, 15th Networks, Information Technology & Innovation Management Consortium Conference. The Hague, 10-12 November, 2014
  • Koenig, M. (2014): Understanding Early-Stage Technology Ventures, 14th Networks, Information Technology & Innovation Management Consortium Conference. Bergamo, 25-27 June, 2014Gard, J., Baltes, G., Wehle, D., Katzy, B. (2013): An Integrating Model of Autonomy in Corporate Entrepreneurship, 2013 IEEE-ITMC & 19th ICE conference, The Hague (NL)