English/ Upper Intermediate: B2 level – 4SWS

Instructor: Hyacinth Moodalie-Hünnemeyer, Kate Russell

This two semester “EAP,”/ English for Academic Purposes course is designed  to improve the general and academic language proficiency  of  STK „Wirtschaft“ and „Technik“ students.  The course is based on the coursebook, “Oxford EAP – Upper Intermediate/B2” OUP, 2012 and focuses on preparing students for tertiary academic study by exploiting all four skills areas.  In particular, students work at improving their:

- understanding of grammar

-academic and general vocabulary

- reading strategies for academic texts

- presentation skills for university/college

- oral communication to participate effectively in seminars and in general.

-listening comprehension for lectures

-(business/general writing skills: emails, letters)

-academic writing skills/essays, reports, summaries


Assessment: mid-term examination, oral presentation, writing tasks, regular attendance and active participation.