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The Konstanz TASK Test
(Test for foreign students)

Since universities can choose which applicants they offer study places to applicants may have to undergo aptitude and performance tests such as the Konstanz TASK test for foreign students wanting to study at universities in Baden-Württemberg.

Taking the TASK test increases your chances of getting a study place in a Bachelors Programme (not for Masters Programmes).

In Konstanz you can enrol for the TASK when you can apply for direct admission at our universities.

The TASK test consists of three parts:

• German
• Mathematics
• Physics or Business related questions

If you want to do technical studies you take the Physics test. For business or social studies, take the Economics test. Prospective Design students can choose between Physics and Economics.

For further information go to (PDF Download):

More on the Konstanz TASK Test

German More information on the German test
(Sample tests, advice and further reading)
Mathematics More information on the Mathematics TASK test
(requirements, how to prepare, sample test, formulary)

More information on the Physics TASK test
(requirements, how to prepare, sample test, formulary)

Business related questions

More information on the Economics TASK test
(requirements, how to prepare, sample test)

You can take the TASK test even if you have already passed the DSH test (DSH-2 or DSH-3) or the TestDaF test (4,0). In this case the results you have achieved will be incorporated into the results of the TASK test.