Welcome to the Center for International Students of the Universities of Applied Sciences in Baden-Württemberg

    Application in two steps

    Step 1: Recognition of certificates
    Step 2: Application to the respective university

    In order to be able to apply for a study place at a university of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg, you need a recognition of your certificates. The recognition is free of charge. You can apply for a recognition at any time. Please note the application deadlines of the universities.

    In our decisions, we apply the guidelines of the Central Office for Foreign Education ("ZaB").

    However, if you do not have direct access to higher education on the basis of your certificates and can acquire this access by attending the Studienkolleg, you will not be able to apply to a university until you have completed the Studienkolleg and passed the Feststellungsprüfung.
    Learn more about Studienkolleg

    Tuition fees of 1,500 EUR per semester are charged for studying at a university in Baden-Württemberg. No tuition fees are charged to students from Germany/EU countries and refugees.
    More information on tuition fees

    Application for recognition of certificates

    For recognition of your certificates we need the following documents by post (it is not possible to apply by E- Mail):

    - Application file
    - curriculum vitae
    - a copy of your passport (no certification necessary)
    - certified copies of your certificates
    - translations of your certificates by a sworn translator, if they are not in English or French
    - certified copies of the proof of your german language skills

    Which educational credentials you have to send, depends on from which country the certificates are from. You can find an overview of possible evidence onpage 2 of our application file. If there are documents missing, we will inform you about it.

    All documents you will send us, have to remain with us. So please send us no originals. Even if you apply on several universities you only need to apply once. You will receive two copies of the recognition certificate. In case you need more, let them get certified at an office, that is authorized to issue certifications (see link at "certified copies of your certificates" above).

    Please send the application to the following address:

    Hochschule Konstanz
    Alfred-Wachtel-Str. 8
    78462 Konstanz

    German language skills

    Study programmes entirely taught in German

    • You send us a German language certificate of at least DSH-2 or TestDaF 4.0 etc.: we will send you a certificate that you can use to apply directly
    • You don't send us your language certificate: we will give you a certificate with conditionals admission.  The universities will decide which language skills are required.

    Study programmes entirely taught in English

    you don't need to send us a language certificate, wether for German nor for English

    Information on German language skills for direct university admission


    Applicants for Universities of Science- apply directly there

    Applicants from non-EU countries applying for English-language Bachelor programs at International Business (BSC) University of Applied Sciences Reutlingen
    apply directly at the university.

    EU- Citizens who wish to study at the universities of
    - Pforzheim
    - Karlsruhe or
    - Ravensburg-Weingarten
    should apply directly to these universities.

    German citizens with a foreign school leaving certificate applying for a Bachelor's program send their documents to Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart (except they have to attend the Studienkolleg or apply for a Master's program, in this case we are responsible) 

    Please note: The certificate evaluation by the Central Office for Foreign Education is a comparative classification, not a certificate recognition. It doesn't work for applications to the Universities.

    Foreign applicants with a German high school diploma like
    - German high school diploma (Abitur),
    - German university degree,
    - German university entrance qualification (Fachhochschulreife)
    can apply directly at the universities​​​​