The focus of the two institutes

Technical Academy Konstanz (TAK)

The TAK supports managers seeking an academic degree. The program offers two part-time master’s degrees: a master’s in System Engineering (M.Eng.), in cooperation with the DHBW Ravensburg; and an MBA in Digital Execution. We also offer three Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) in the area of DigitalX and the so-called “contact studies” in System Engineering (for non-degree students).

The TAK portfolio also includes numerous solid and practical continuing education opportunities, such as seminars and additional qualifications in the areas of management, soft skills, engineering and digital transition. Our customized program allows you to set up workshops and additional qualifications tailor-made for your company’s needs and even held directly in your company.


Lake Constance Business School (LCBS)

The LCBS offers a total of four part-time degree programs:

The  MBA in General Management is intended for individuals without a degree in business who are planning to move into management positions that require communication and leadership skills in addition to technical know-how.

The MBA in Human Capital Management, a master’s program in the area of value-oriented management, focuses on the further development of personnel policy from resource to asset, from disposition to investment, and from administration to strategic management.

The master’s program in Patent Engineering combines technical expertise with knowledge about intellectual property rights. This closes an important gap: Only with the know-how from both departments can technical innovations be evaluated, secured and used economically.

The LCBS has been offering a part-time English-language MBA in Compliance and Corporate Governance in cooperation with the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) and Daimler AG in Beijing and Konstanz since October, 2007. This one-of-a-kind continuing education degree program once again provides, as HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences President Prof. Dr. Carsten Manz put it, "additional proof of the quality and the international standing of our scientific continuing education program."

Two scientific institutes

and one art nouveau villa

The HTWG Konstanz, with its two institutes for scientific continuing education, the LCBS Lake Constance Business School GmbH and the TAK Technical Academy Konstanz gGmbH has been the competent continuing education partner for businesses in the areas of engineering, business and design for over 30 years. The part-time programs are geared towards specialists, management and junior staff.



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