Study options

Please find below an overview of the available study options for exchange students:


  • Courses offered at HTWG Konstanz

    English taught courses

    Most departments offer courses taught in English. You need a certain English language proficiency level to attend these classes (ranging from B1 or C1).

    Courses in German

    For students who speak German and wish to further develop their language skills or get credits within their major, the HTWG Konstanz offers a wide range of courses. Exchange students can enroll in any of the courses offered at our university. The course offer varies from fall to spring semester. However, the offer in each fall/spring semester remains widely unchanged. Therefore, students interested in studying at HTWG can get a good overview of the courses that will be on offer during their stay at HTWG by taking a look at the past fall/spring semester. For an overview of the courses taught in German, please click here (in German, please have a look at the so called "Prüfungsordnungslisten / PO-Listen" of the past fall/spring semester).

    German Language Courses

    You also have the option of taking German language classes  during the semester. These language courses range from beginner, intermediate to more advanced classes. There are also classes in Business or Technical German. In addition, you can also practice your German language skills and get to know local students by participating in the tandem-learning program.

  • Practical work experience

    The HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences works closely collaborations with the industry in research and development. Students may choose to participate in one of several (in-house) projects under the joint supervision of academic staff members and a partner in industry.

    Moreover, Engineering or Computer Science majors with only basic German skills have the possibility of participating in a faculty-supervised project in a lab in which English is used. Please contact the International Office if you would be interested in such a project.

    Important note: If you wish to gain practical work experience at the HTWG Konstanz, please always contact the International Office first. The choice of projects exchange students can work on is limited and, depending on your major, we cannot guarantee that you can participate in one of our projects.

  • Combination of an academic and project/internship semester

    The combination of an academic semester and a project/internship semester allows students to study German as well as to gain practical experience in their field of study before graduating. Upon completion of an academic or supervised project semester at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences, students may choose to remain in Germany and complete a paid internship with a German company such as Daimler, Siemens, Bosch or other companies. This option gives students the opportunity to gain international practical experience in a professional setting before graduating. Compensation for internships is generally between €600 and €750 a month. The companies may or may not be in Konstanz, allowing students to work in a larger city, if so desired.

  • Thesis

    Students may also work on their thesis/PhD under the supervision of the HTWG Konstanz facilities and staff. Our university’s award-winning library, computer labs, and research institutes make it easy to research any thesis/dissertation topic.

    Important note: If you are interested in writing your thesis at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences, please contact the International Office first.