Figuring out your future plans?

Student Orientation and Advising Support

Are you still trying to decide what you want to study and could use some support? Do you have questions about applications, the admissions process or other issues related to studying? Our team at the advising center is here to help you set sail for your future:

We’ll help you figure out the next steps involved in reaching your goals. Set up a free one-on-one advising session to choose the major that really suits you.

We’ll help you determine your interests, abilities and values to find that perfect degree program. Take advantage of our information events and workshops to get a feeling of what it will be like as a student at the HTWG Konstanz.

We look forward to helping you shape the course of your future

CURRENT NEWS: Digital student orientation @home

Due to the fact that we cannot currently offer orientation and advising on the HTWG Konstanz campus, we are pleased to present this program digitally.

A Map for your Studies

Individual Advising

The Student Advising Center:
In case you’re still unsure what you want to study or have questions concerning your studies, you can set up an individual appointment at our Student Advising Center. We’re happy to help you in the decision-making process!

Academic Advising:
If you’re interested in a specific major, please contact the advisors in that department directly. You can find contact information for the individual advisors on our 

Advising Guide

 page under “Degree Program Advising”.

Advising Guide:
Are you looking for a specific kind of advising? Then take a look at our 

Advising Guide

Additional Information for Prospective Students