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Information on exams

for applicants with admission via Studienkolleg (Group 2)

Studienkolleg Admission Test

Applicants must pass the Studienkolleg Admission Test ("Aufnahmetest") to be admitted to the Studienkolleg. The Admission Test takes place twice a year: at the end of January for the Spring Semester and at the beginning of July for the Winter Semester. Depending on the university course you are aiming for and depending on your previous qualifications, you can take the Admission Test for the following courses:

  • T-Course: Preparation for technical and engineering courses.
    Tests: German, Mathematics, Physics.
  • W-Course: Preparation for business subjects and social science courses
    Tests: German, Mathematics, Business Studies.

Duration: 60 minutes for each subject.

Candidates can expect to be accepted if they pass the Studienkolleg Admission Test in all three subjects with the minimum score. Candidates who achieve very high grades in all three subjects can be admitted to the second semester of the Studienkolleg. At present, there are more applicants for T-Courses than for W-Courses.

  • Regulations
    • German: Dictionaries or other materials/devices are not allowed
    • Mathematics: Formularies (you will receive a formulary from us - see materials for preparation) and calculators (tasks can be solved without a calculator) are not allowed
    • Physics: Formularies and calculators are not allowed.

    Dictionaries are not allowed. During the test, however, you should understand the tasks. You can therefore ask the invigilator in case you do not understand words in the task.

  • German language prerequisites

    A German language certificate attesting basic knowledge of the German language is needed to be admitted to the Studienkolleg Admission Test. The language certificate needs to be equivalent to

    • the Upper Basic Level of the Goethe Institutes or
    • the Level B1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

    Three weeks before the Studienkolleg Admission Test, you need to hand in your language certificate. We recommend that you learn German beyond the B1 level before participating in the Studienkolleg Admission Test.

  • How to prepare for the Studienkolleg Admission Test

    How to prepare the Studienkolleg Admission Test:

    • Mathematics: recapitulate the basics. You should be able to calculate amounts, fractions, powers, roots and logarithms. You should also be able to solve equations and inequalities and be familiar with elementary functions.
    • Read documents: Read the information on the Studienkolleg Admission Test we have prepared for you. For the examination parts Mathematics and Physics we have prepared comprehensive documents for your preparation.
    • Learn German: You need to have a good German language skills. You should also study the German language outside of language courses: Listen to news in German, read the newspaper, write short texts that you revise on your own.

    The German language test consists of three parts: There are two short writing tasks and one gap-filling task (cloze test, 60 gaps). In the cloze test, the second half of every second word is missing. For the writing assessment, you can expect to have to write an interview, a text about statistical information or a report/statement. In a the interview, you should use the polite address ("Sie").

    The examiners read the texts and evaluate if you have mastered the intermediate grammar (order in the sentence, sentence structure with subordinate clauses, active-passive, use of modal verbs, etc.). In addition, they will also evaluate if you are able to describe numbers, describe characteristics and developments, give reasons, consequences, advantages and disadvantages or make recommendations.

Studienkolleg Final Exam

International applicants, who are not eligible for direct admission to a German university, can qualify for admission by passing the Studienkolleg Final Exam ("Feststellungsprüfung"). After finishing the Studienkolleg, you can apply to any University of Applied Sciences in Germany and to all Universities in Baden-Württemberg. You can take the Studienkolleg Final Exam only after having attended the foundation year at the Studienkolleg. Tuition is free and the course lasts for one year (2 semesters). Applicants will be admitted to the Studienkolleg after passing the Studienkolleg Admission Test, thus proving that they can follow lessons taught in German and have sufficient knowledge to follow lessons in the main subjects. Studienkolleg students who fail the Studienkolleg Final Exam can repeat the exam once. The grades achieved in the Final Exam and the grades achieved during the foundation year study courses will be included in the Studienkolleg certificate.

Subjects of the Studienkolleg final exam ("Feststellungsprüfung"):

  • T-Course: German, Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry (by choice), Physics or Chemistry (oral)
  • W-Course: German, Mathematics, Business Studies and Economics, Business Studies and Economics (oral)