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Information about exams

for applicants with direct admission (Group 1)

  • German language proficiency tests

    Applicants eligible for direct admission must pass one of the following German language tests:

    • German language test (DSH) is offered by some German universities, but not by HTWG Konstanz University of Applied Sciences. DSH-2 or DSH-3 is required for admission to university. Admission is not possible with DSH-1 or lower.
    • TestDaF (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache) is recognized by all Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. It can replace the DSH.

    The following tests can replace the DSH or the TestDaF:

    • Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz Stufe II
    • Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom, which is awarded by the Goethe-Institut on behalf of the University of Munich
    • Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung des Goethe-Instituts (ZOP)
    • C2-certificate of the Goethe-Institut
    • Assessment exam in German at one of the Studienkollegs
    • German test PNDS
    • School leaving certificate of a German school abroad with predominantly German language courses
    • Attendance of a school including grade 9, where all subjects were taught in German
    • telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule

    Further information about TestDaF (German)
    Further information about language tests (German)

  • TASK (Test für ausländische Studienbewerber Konstanz)

    Universities can choose which applicants they offer a place. Some institutions use aptitude and performance tests to select students. Taking the TASK test increases your chances of getting a place in a Bachelor's program (not for Master's program). In Konstanz, you can take part in the TASK if you can apply directly to the universities. The TASK test consists of three parts:

    • German
    • Mathematics
    • Physics or Business related questions

    If you want to study technical subjects, you will take the Physics test. For business or social studies, you will take the Business version. Prospective Design students can choose between Physics and Economics. You can take the TASK test even if you have already passed the DSH test (DSH-2 or DSH-3) or the TestDaF test (4,0). In this case the results you have achieved will be incorporated into the results of the TASK.

    Information for applicants with a vocational baccelaureate from Switzerland
    Through the TASK, the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz facilitates the access of applicants from Switzerland to study in Konstanz. Applicants from Switzerland with a vocational baccalaureate can qualify to study at Konstanz University of Applied Sciences if they pass the TASK. German-speaking Swiss are exempted from the German paper. Requirement for passing is the grade 4 in all papers.

    Downloads: TASK

    Further Information on the TASK