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    The Institute for Strategic Innovation and Technology Management is the competence center for innovation and strategy. Research focuses on Strategic Transformation, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Startups, Ambidextrie, Agility and Digitalization.

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    Everything digital - What now?

    Understanding digital Development in the Enterprise

    Everybody's talking about digitization. But what does it mean for you? 
    In this exciting workshop you will learn about the opportunities and risks associated with digitisation for your company. Together with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Guido H. Baltes, you will work on the associated challenges, learn to understand them and master them successfully.

    The workshop "Everything digital - What now? Understanding digital development in a company" is carried out in cooperation with Veränderungsintelligenz GmbH. The workshop helps you to develop new ideas and creative solutions.

    Workshop Contents

    Impulses of Digital Transformation

    • Information about drivers of accelerated changes in the environment, which challenges arise from developments in the
      digital field (explanations of terms and concepts, insights into digital business models)
    • Opportunities of digitization in the corporate context and why a changed understanding of management is necessary in
      order to be able to use it
    • Getting to know "ambidextrous leadership" as a key skill in digitally transformed companies and the challenges in
      comparison to traditional corporate organization and management
    • Getting to know the principles of the underlying management methods, insights into examples and cases of the concrete
      implementation as well as impulses for implementation in own area and derivation of possible first steps in own area

    Added Value for the Participants

    • Understanding the requirements of digital transformation
    • Translate digital transformation into concrete and human benefits for customers and employees
    • Take fears away, inspire with possibilities, arouse desire for change, discover new ways
    • Learn about and understand the paradigm shift for managing digital transformation
    • Expand your own management methods in a targeted manner


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