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The Institute for Strategic Innovation and Technology Management is the competence center for innovation and strategy. Research focuses on Strategic Transformation, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Startups, Ambidextrie, Agility and Digitalization.

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Our Partners are our Trump Card

Industry Partners

  • h&z Unternehmensberatung AG

    h&z Unternehmensberatung AG

    Address: Neuturmstraße 5, 80331 München
    Phone: 089 2429690

    h&z stands for consulting with brain, heart and hand - since 1997. With offices in Munich, Düsseldorf, Dubai, Hamburg, Paris, Vienna and Zurich, the company is one of Europe's leading management consultancies with a focus on Business Strategy & Optimization, Sales, Service, Product & Technology, Purchasing and Supply Chain as well as Training. 20 of the Dax 30 companies as well as numerous medium-sized companies are among the customers. 98 percent of them commission h&z on a recurring basis. As a member of the Transformation Alliance, h&z is part of a worldwide network with over 420 consultants at 13 locations.

    h&z has been repeatedly awarded the Great Place to Work seal of approval as the best employer in Germany. In 2012, h&z was awarded the title of Hidden Champion in Business Excellence by the business magazine Capital in cooperation with the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (WGMB).

    For more than eight years, h&z and the IST Innovations-Institut have jointly organized the annual management circle "Strategic Management Perspectives" in Munich. Executives from corporations and SMEs present and discuss strategic management topics with a focus on new business models and business innovations. Professor Joachim Scheide, head of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and former co-author of the autumn report, was always present. From 2015, his successor, Prof. Dr. Stefan Kooths, will continue this tradition. He explains the latest economic forecasts and their consequences for overall economic development.

  • Private Coaching Institute München

    Private Coaching Institute München

    Address: Schellingstr. 103 a, 80798 München
    Phone: 089-43588881

    The Private Coaching Institute supports and accompanies individuals and teams professionally in professional and related personal change processes and development processes.

    In coaching and training, essential competencies for future success are developed in a targeted manner, e.g:

    • Personal change competence; Effective leadership in change processes; Agile leadership
    • Strengthening personal innovation skills; leadership conducive to innovation
    • Relationship competence in business; emotional intelligence
    • Targeted strengthening of entrepreneurial skills critical to success

    The Coaching Institute also offers IT-supported diagnostic tools for a realistic assessment of the current situation as a basis for targeted development. The tools were developed partly together with the IST innovation institute:

    • 360° / 270° / 180° Feedback
    • Change Profile® (diagnosis of individual change and innovation competencies)
    • Entrepreneur profiles (diagnosis of critical entrepreneur competencies)
    • Insights MDI® potential analyses

    The Private Coaching Institute was founded in Munich in 2002 and consists of coaches and trainers selected according to high quality criteria. The owner Antje Freyth received several awards for her work.

Academic Research Partners

  • NiTiM

    NiTiM Graduate School

    Address: Stichting VE-Forum, Plantsoen 97, 2311 KL Leiden, Niederlande
    Phone: +31 71 3020020

    Since information technology and innovation management are still young industries, especially in the academic field, Nitim wants to support young researchers with the discussion of their Ph.D. theses and further by the connection with industrial partners.

    Nitim began its work in 2007 and currently maintains 30 Ph.D. candidates and 29 lecturers and academic supporters. Since 2012, Nitim has been officially recognised as a European Graduate School within FP7.

  • ENoLL - European Network of Living Labs


    Address: Pleinlaan 9, 1050 Ixelles, Brüssel, Belgien

    The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is the international association of Benchmarking Living Labs in Europe and worldwide. Founded in November 2006 under the auspices of the Finnish European Presidency, the network has expanded to date. The ENoLL international non-profit association, as the legal representative unit of the network, has its headquarters in Brussels, in the heart of Europe.

Implementation Partners

  • bwcon

    Baden-Württemberg Connected e.V.

    Address: Seyfferstraße 34, 70197 Stuttgart
    Phone: 0711 18421600

    Baden-Württemberg: Connected e.V. / bwcon is the leading business initiative to promote Baden-Württemberg as a location for innovation and high-tech.  As one of the most successful technology networks in Europe, bwcon connects more than 600 companies and research institutions.

    Based on information and communication technologies (ICT), bwcon focuses on the technology fields of energy, health, creative industries, mobility and production. In this way, bwcon creates a unique basis in Baden-Württemberg for cross-sector technology use and interdisciplinary cooperation between developers, users and investors.

    In addition, bwcon offers a comprehensive range of consulting and support services for both young and expanding companies. In addition count among other things the two-stage consultation of the EXI Hightech establishment coupon, with which a establishment check UP and an intensive Coaching are offered. With the annual announcement of the renowned CyberOne Hightech Award Baden-Württemberg bwcon reaches young enterprises, which set impulses and new standards with innovative business concepts. Over the past 16 years, a top-class jury has reviewed around 900 business plans and mobilized over 275 million euros in capital for the best business models. The competition has thus established itself as one of the country's most renowned technology awards.

  • Veränderungsintelligenz GmbH

    Veränderungsintelligenz GmbH

    Address: Obere Rheinstraße 17A, 78479 Reichenau
    Phone: 07534 2710219


    Veränderungsintelligenz GmbH is an owner-managed consulting firm that was awarded in 2014 in a nationwide benchmarking study as one of the best consultants for small and medium-sized enterprises. The consultants are experts in diagnosing and strengthening change, innovation and entrepreneurial competencies.

    With the excellent concepts and tools ...

    • Diagnose and strengthen the fundamental adaptability / agility of your company - and thus secure your competitiveness in dynamic markets. The special feature of this approach is that innovative diagnostic software enables you to provide tailor-made advice quickly and with little effort (e.g. the Change Profile diagnoses individual change competencies of managers and employees or the Change Ability Profile® diagnoses organisational change capabilities/blockages or agility). On this basis, we efficiently and specifically strengthen the necessary change competencies of people as well as in organizational routines / processes / structures.
    • Can you control concrete change processes effectively and efficiently or monitor progress in the implementation and effectiveness of measures and thus take countermeasures at an early stage and in a targeted manner if necessary?
    • Diagnose and strengthen individual and organizational innovation skills and blockades. Our innovation consulting is often based on a realistic assessment of your current situation using IT-supported diagnostic tools. In this way, the innovation audit determines the innovative strength of a company (e.g. innovation culture, leadership conducive to innovation, individual innovators competencies, innovation blockades, organisational prerequisites and framework conditions). This enables a very effective and efficient approach in consulting / coaching / training.
    • Use structured competence management to identify and strengthen the competencies of your managers and employees that will be necessary for your business success in the future.  As a first step, we work with you to develop tailor-made competence models for implementing a new strategy or anchoring a desired culture in the company. In the second step, a structured diagnosis of the actual competencies is made on the basis of the 360° / 270° / 180° feedback method.  In step 3, targeted development measures are derived on the basis of a gap analysis. The effectiveness of these measures is checked by repeating the 360° / 270° / 180° feedback. With this concept you integrate the strategic development of your company with a specifically supporting HR work.

    The combination of our practical experience in numerous renowned companies with the current scientific findings of our cooperation partner IST Innovationsinstitut ensures the high quality of our work.

  • mpunkt media GmbH

    mpunkt media GmbH

    Address: Schießgrabenstr. 6, 86150 Augsburg
    Phone: 0821 9995910

    In order to develop interactive websites and practical apps as easy as possible to use, the agency shows agility and boundless care.

    Founded in 1996 by owner Michael Rother, the agency specialises in complex web development. Companies all over Germany and in neighbouring countries rely on this web agency, which is probably one of the oldest in southern Germany.

  • Chancellery Daub

    Kanzlei Daub

    Address: Bahnhofstr. 5, 88662 Überlingen
    Phone: 07551 30199910

    The firm offers a comprehensive and high-quality service in the field of intellectual property.
    This requires both technical and legal expertise. For this reason, the patent attorney works in special teams with attorneys, engineers of various technical orientations and physicists. 

    The firm has offices in Überlingen, Zurich and Stuttgart. The head office of the firm is located in Überlingen city centre directly on Lake Constance.

  • Transkripto

    The company specializes in supporting scientific projects through qualitative transcriptions and is characterized by efficient collaboration.

    The team has an academic background and was founded in 2010 under the name in the Netherlands. Due to the efficient and professional service, the Start Up has quickly established itself as a dynamic group and is now active in various countries, including the Netherlands, Spain, Brazil and the USA. The company has been present in Germany since 2012 and also offers its services in Switzerland and Austria. As one of the leading providers of transcriptions, the company has already supported many scientific projects through the time-consuming and labor-intensive preparation of transcripts.

    The company also has many years of experience and a high level of competence in the field of translations. In order to guarantee the high quality standards, only native speakers are used. Copies of expert interviews and group discussions are prepared within 5 working days. The processing can be carried out according to various rules, on our Website you will receive further information in this regard.

    Address: Karl Marxstraat 28, 3076 DR Rotterdam, Niederlande
    Phone: 02232 9488977