Research Funding

This page provides you with information about project funding. This ranges from applying for third-party funding, the infrastructure required, carrying out projects at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences and to making use of the results.

Information about Research Funding

  • Advertised Programs

    Professors and staff are informed about scheduled and on-going research funding programs by our “R+T Info” emails.

    If you’re interested in receiving the “R&T Info” emails, you can sign up by contacting:

  • Internal Research Funding

    The HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences supports research projects by providing infrastructure, funding and reductions in teaching load.

    The research office is there to support researchers in numerous ways.

    These include the operation and ongoing development of the infrastructure, application consulting, support in the acquisition of third-party funds, presentation and documentation, patent and licensing issues as well as offers, contracts and invoicing.

    Click here for the research office website



    Temporary office space for research projects is available in building E. The rooms are generally provided for short durations and for faculty or visiting researchers involved in R&T projects. As a rule, rooms are normally not available for professors or students. The rooms are assigned on an application basis by the Vice President for Research.

    Financial Resources

    The HTWG Konstanz provides a limited amount of funding for maintaining infrastructure and for research-funding measures. These funds are part of a research pool and are essentially used to support the following activities:

    • Start-Up Funding
      This funding is intended to support projects to run independently on the basis of acquired third-party funds after the start-up funding phase. Start-up funding is only available in the preparatory or preliminary phase of a project; on-going projects must be self-sufficient. For promising third-party-funded projects from industry, default security can be provided when staff needs to be hired before the funding has been received.  Applications for support from the F&T Pool should in any case be submitted informally or by personally contacting the Vice President for Research. You can also contact the Head of the Research Office, Andreas Burger.
    • Scientific meetings and conferences
      The HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences supports researchers participating in scientific meetings and conferences when no project funding is available for such purposes. In order to obtain funding, it is necessary that the researcher is actively involved at the conference by presenting a paper or exhibiting their research. For international conferences abroad, an application should first be sent to the DAAD.
    • Teaching Load Reductions
      Faculty is normally granted a reduction of two weekly teaching hours for research and development projects at the HTWG Konstanz for the duration of the project. Applications for teaching load reductions should be submitted informally by personally contacting the Vice President for Research.
  • Patent Application Funding and Utilization

    This supports patent application funding and its utilization.

    The project is sponsored by the Technology Licensing Office (TLB) of the Baden-Württembergische Hochschulen GmbH, Karslruhe

    Link to the TLB GmbH website

    Info regarding inventions (in german only):