The Intercultural Center at the HTWG Konstanz offers the following seminars and workshops:

  • Certificate International Studies

    We offer a certificate for international studies (Zertifikat Studium International) consisting of three modules that prepare you for working professionally in an international environment. Students who complete the three modules receive the certificate international studies. What are the advantages of the certificate?

    •     You gain invaluable intercultural skills to help you work professionally in foreign countries.
    •     The certificate provides you with a confirmation of having participated in activities that you can use when applying for jobs in the future.
    •     Last but not least, international exchange is simply fun:  you make new contacts and learn new things.

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  • Intercultural Workshop

    What does culture actually mean? How are cultures different? What are the challenges of intercultural communication, particularly with respect to professional life and working in international teams? How can we deal with these challenges? These questions are at the heart of the workshop we offer each semester. The workshop can either be taken in the Extracurricular Studies Program (2 ECTS, 3 SWS) or as MODULE 2 for the Certificate International Studies.

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  • Warming Up "Studying at a University of Applied Sciences"

    The goal of this workshop is to familiarize you with the different aspects of university life before you start your studies. It is open to all first semester students - both German and international students. In the workshop, you get to know other first semester students, learn about basic study skills, and get advice from upper-semester students about how to get off to a good and relaxing start. The workshop takes place over three days.

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  • Strong in Studies and Beyond (SSB)

    All HTWG-Konstanz students can take part in a series of 8 workshops intended to improve your study skills and prepare you for an entry-level position. These workshops will be offered in the winter semester 2019/20.

    Students who participate in 6 of the 8 offered workshops also receive 2 ECTS points that can be used as Extracurricular Studies credits according to the corresponding Study and Exam Guidelines. (Please turn in the required certificate of attendance). Students must attend the 6 workshops within one semester. It is unfortunately not possible to attend individual workshops over the course of multiple semesters and receive credit at the end of your studies. Please register for each individual workshop using our online form. If it is not possible to attend, you are required to inform us beforehand.

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  • Twin Program

    The Twin Program is intended for all German and international students who would like to get more out of their studies by participating in a learning partnership. It is often not easy for international students to deal with all of the bureaucratic requirements of their studies. They often don’t understand exactly what’s expected of them or what assistance is available to them. It takes a lot of effort and energy to repeatedly ask people to explain things or to ask professors and staff at the HTWG Konstanz for assistance. It would be a huge help to get help from a co-student, a „twin“, who supports you for one semester.

    Twin students help by:

    •     Sharing experiences about classes
    •     Answering questions about their majors
    •     Helping in the library (reserved reading lists, carrying out a literature search)
    •     Helping students understand and manage course requirements
    •     Providing general study tips
    •     Helping to deal with administration issues (at the HTWG Konstanz)
    •     Giving an introduction to student life in Konstanz

    Twins are normally paired up for one semester but can, if they want, extend their collaboration.

    Would you like to participate in our Twin Program? Send us an Email at! We’ll get back to you about the details.

    Participating in the Twin Program can be used to fulfil module 3 of the Certificate International Studies.

  • Career Day

    The Career Day Afternoon is set up to help prepare German and international students at the HTWG Konstanz for internships and entry-level positions. Here you can get information about jobs, applications, interviews and how to sell yourself professionally.

    The next Career Day will take place during the summer semester, 2020. The date and program will be available as of March, 2020.

  • Company Visits

    The Intercultural Center arranges company visits for students every winter semester.

    During these visits, students get to tour the company, find out about possible career opportunities, and obtain first-hand information from company representatives.

    Program winter semester 2019/20:

    1. Siemens Logistics GmbH: 12th of November 2019, 3:00pm to bis 6.00pm
    2. Formigas GmbH: 5th of December 2019, 3.00pm to 5:00pm


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  • Tandem Language Learning

    Imagine learning French in a cozy cafe over a cup of hot chocolate with a friend instead of in the classroom. Or having a native speaker go over your English application for an internship. Or maybe you’d like to get together with an exchange student from a country where you’re planning to spend a semester abroad. All of that is possible with tandem learning.

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