Program and time schedule

Preparation phase: 4 remote sessions (end of March to end of April 2023)
• Session #1: introduction of my peer / fi nd common interests / introduction of the lecturers
• Session #2: political and main topics people are discussing in a pub with a focus on issues regarding sustainibility in each country
• Session #3: introduction of Konstanz, Germany and of the Summer School
• Session #4: “Surviving“ in Germany (vocabulary, basic cultural issues)

Attendance phase (in Konstanz): August 5th to August 19th, 2023
Excursion / Road Trip in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: August 7th to 11th
• Visiting best practice examples of particularly sustainable buildings and neighborhoods
• Additional lectures and assignments for group work and group discussions regarding the excursion destinations
• Cultural events and sightseeing

Weekend in Konstanz: August 12th to 13th
• Outdoor activities and cultural events
• Free time

Working days in Konstanz: August 14th to 18th
• Daily common sessions, group sessions, expert sessions and daily review
• Friday, August 18th: final group session and final presentation
• International evenings and cultural events