Career center and Start-up

    Getting Started with Your Career After Your Studies

    Practical Approach & Starting Your Career

    Degree programs at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences take a practical approach; the content of the studies are oriented to the needs of society: All of our professors have previous professional experience. All bachelor’s programs at the HTWG Konstanz require their students to complete an internship semester at a company. Projects give students the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge from their studies.

    Students can meet with representatives from various industries at the four annual company trade fairs held directly on the HTWG Konstanz campus.

    Our "Mentoring Program Konstanz" offers students the possibility of meeting with a personal mentor from the business world to get professional advising and a glimpse into the profession.

    Company Contact Fairs at the HTWG Konstanz

    "Mentoring Program Konstanz" for Students

    Innovation & Start-ups

    The HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences Konstanz places a strong emphasis on promoting innovation and a culture of experimentation. We have our own lab available to all students exactly for this purpose: the Open Innovation Lab. Students from all departments can come together here to test out new ideas.

    And to make sure that such ideas can actually be realized, "Kilometer 1”, a start-up consulting office, jointly run by the HTWG Konstanz and the University of Konstanz, supports students in bringing their ideas to market, by helping with the application process, etc.

    For more information on the Open Innovation Lab

    Kilometer 1 Start-up Consulting at the HTWG Konstanz