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Foreign Language Offers

We value your presence and constructive participation.

Please check the LSF under "Studiengang Zusatzangebote" for the current room details!


Check the course description for the start date. All courses end with examinations.Course participants must register for the examination at the examination office (see examination number in brackets). The study and examination regulations of the individual faculties inform you about the recognition of language courses as Studium Generale, elective, or additional subject. Pre-registration is only required for courses in Spanish, via the learning platform moodle. Subject to change without notice. There are 3 ECTS points for courses with 2 sws, and 6 ECTS points for courses with 4 sws in the Bachelor programs. The Master programs have individual conversion factors - please ask the program director.


Dear students interested in language courses

we are very keen to keep the possibility open for you to take a language course of your choice also in WS 2021. Please go to the language course offerings on moodle and register there so that we can reach you.

Warm regards,

Sharon Zaharka


Required Courses  Look also on moodle for your compulsory English course or for MMS also compulsory Spanish course. There you will find more information about the implementation and start date.

Elective Courses

, i.e. courses from the additional offer, start in the first or in the second week of lectures - partly online and partly in presence! Further information can be found on the following pages or in the respective moodle course.

Attendance in Language Courses

We place high value on attendance and in-class participation in our language courses. Instructors, please use this form to document student attendance in your courses.

Other rules apply for courses with a strong e-learning component. Your instructors will inform you about these in class.

Tandem lerning

Imagine learning French in a cozy cafe over a cup of hot chocolate with a friend instead of in the classroom. Or having a native speaker go over your English application for an internship. Or maybe you’d like to get together with an exchange student from a country where you’re planning to spend a semester abroad...

Learn more about Tandemlerning 

Taking classes at the University of Konstanz

If you are a student at the HTWG Konstanz and would like to take a class at the University of Konstanz, or a student at the University of Konstanz who wants to take a class at the HTWG Konstanz - we can show you how. Instructions.


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