Equal Opportunity and Diversity

    • Gender Equality

      The implementation of actual gender equality between women and men and the effort towards promoting equal opportunity for all students and members of our university are now a given and an important part of the identity of the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences.

      We take a gender mainstreaming approach to align our decisions, actions, and processes to the different interests and needs of women and men in order to promote the actual equality of the sexes.

    • Opportunities despite restrictions

      People with disabilities want to be able to participate “normally" in the labor market, yet often have to deal with many preconceptions and prejudices. The diversity inclusion approach focuses on the personal strengths and potential of the individual. This approach opens up new possibilities.

      The equality team offers targeted support measures to ensure that all students and university staff with disabilities can successfully study and work. We aim to confront taboos about disabilities and challenge performance stereotypes.

    • The world is our home

      In the process of globalization and internationalization, our university as an educational and scientific institution is particularly called upon. An open-minded and intercultural approach are the basic prerequisites for success in almost all relevant areas in science. It is necessary to internationalize our programs, instruction and the service areas of the university, which of course requires appropriate skills. The diversity strategy and our team’s work represent the basic components of the internationalization targets of the HTWG Konstanz.


    • Multiple Generations Together

      The demographic shift is leading to a reversal of the generation conditions and to new social challenges. The HTWG Konstanz is already facing these challenges, particularly in the areas of health promotion and human resource management. A university culture of appreciation that recognizes and values the potential of each individual, makes use of the different skills and experiences of its members at all ages and thus creates attractive jobs. Special workshops and course offerings allow the HTWG Konstanz to fulfil its educational mandate and provide lifelong learning for its employees.

    • Sexual orientation and identity

      Sexual orientation and identity are frequently seen as private matters and thus become taboo in public. Legislation such as the General Equal Treatment Act do provide a certain amount of protection to affected persons and contribute to an increased openness in society. However, numerous discriminatory acts and ways of thinking are still common. Our team is committed to interacting with people in an unprejudiced manner. Our diversity film series, awareness-raising events, as well as bullying prevention measures help contribute to making sexual orientation no obstacle for students and employees.

    • Quality of Life and Compatibility

      Living together as a family or caring for relatives require flexible solutions to help cope with these life new situations and phases. As a family-friendly university and recipient of the Total E-quality award we aim to continually improve the compatibility of studies/job and family through appropriate measures. We offer various services that provide advice and support to university staff and students.

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