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    Communication Department

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    The communication department is the place to go for all questions relating to external communication at the HTWG Konstanz. We take care of

    • The press relations at the HTWG including press inquiries
    • The management of events organized by the HTWG
    • The HTWG’s corporate design
    • The HTWG’s central website and are responsible for the editing and maintenance of contents as well as for advising members of the HTWG when creating websites
    • The editorial contents of the HTWG’s magazine “Semester“
    • The editorial maintenance of the HTWG’s central social media channels

    Dr. Adrian Ciupuliga
    Head of Communication Department and Public Relations
    Room A 321
    +49 7531 206-417

    Anja Wischer
    Media and Event Management
    Room A 323
    +49 7531 206-635

    Marcia Moritz
    Online Editor and Social Media
    Room A 321
    +49 7531 206-671

    Julia Zádor
    Design and Marketing
    Room A 323
    +49 7531 206-636

    Zühre Gümüs
    Visual Content Creator
    Room A 323
    +49 7531 206-9076