Department of Computer Science

    Computer science is the driver of digital transformation in society. We offer practical training for a secure and multifaceted career.

    The department of Computer Science at HTWG Konstanz

    Photo: Students at the HTWG Konstanz

    Who we are

    - 3 bachelor degree programs plus 1 bachelor degree program in cooperation with the department EI

    - 2 master degree programs

    - 30 professors and numerous lecturers

    - approx. 660 students Bachelor, 140 Master

    What we offer

    - Up-to-date and practice-oriented study programs

    - Broad range of studies and specialization options

    - Modern equipment

    - Established contacts to industry

    - University campus directly located at the river and in the city

    Overview: The bachelor degree programs of the department of Computer Science

    The Applied Computer Science (B. Sc.) degree program offers you a broad basic knowledge in computer science as well as specialization options in areas of great demand: computational methods in the field of artificial intelligence, embedded systems, and software development.

    In the Business Information Systems (B. Sc.) degree program you will learn how to use informatics to digitally optimize processes in companies and organizations, such as in logistics or the energy market. You will combine competencies from different disciplines, especially computer science and business administration.

    Within the Health Care Computer Science (B. Sc.) degree program, you will operate between computer science, health/medicine as well as business administration. This program is designed for those who want to develop creative information technology solutions for the healthcare sector and humans connected to healthcare topics.

    The Intelligent Mobility Systems (B. Eng.) (homepage not yet available in English) degree program is an interdisciplinary program in the fields of electrical engineering and computer science. You will deal with (information) technology solutions for connected vehicles and autonomous mobility.
    Note: Information, events & advice are provided by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

    Overview: The master degree programs of the department of Computer Science

    The Master program in Computer Science (M. Sc.) offers you state-of-the-art fields of study, provided you bring an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or degree related to the field of study aimed at, which includes at least 60 ECTS in subjects related to Computer Science.
    When applying, you decide on one of these three fields of study: Autonomous Systems, IT Management or Software Engineering. During your studies, you will enhance both your theoretical and applied knowledge of computer science in your chosen field. Methodological and problem-solving skills as well as key qualifications complement your profile.

    The master degree program in Business Information Technology (M. Sc.) offers you a lateral entry into business information systems after many computer science, business administration and some industrial engineering degrees. In the course of your studies you will be trained as a generalist, so to speak as a bridge builder between application, computer science and management, since the course contents are broad and interdisciplinary. You will gain a sound knowledge of both IT management and the use of IT to implement efficient business processes in companies - both theoretically and practically. In addition, you will expand your methodological and problem-solving skills as well as key qualifications.

    Study Language

    All study programs of the faculty of Computer Science are conducted in German. For exchange students, selected courses are offered in English. Most of those courses are only offered in English given exchange students are participating.

    Programs of the department of Computer Science


    Applied Computer Science (AIN)

    Health Care Computer Science (GIB)

    Business Information Systems (WIN)

    Intelligent Mobility Systems (homepage not yet available in English)
    (was Automotive Information Technology (AIT) before,
    transformation of program AIT into IMS)
    together with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
    Note: Information, events & advice are provided by the department mentioned.



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