Computer Science

    A master degree program for computer scientists and graduates of related fields with computer science skills. Specialize in the area of autonomous systems, IT-management or software engineering.


    Degree: Master of Science (M. Sc.)
    Accredited degree program

    Department: Computer Science

    Program Type: Full-time
    Language of Instruction: German
    Length of Studies: 3 semesters

    Start of Studies: winter semester (WS) and summer semester (SS)
    Standard Class Size: 5 study places per field of study in WS, 5 per field of study in SS
    Application Deadline: June 01 for WS, December 01 for SS

    Study language

    All study programs of the faculty of Computer Science are conducted in German (C1 German language proficiency).

    Further information on language requirement

    For exchange students, selected classes are offered in English.

    Further information for exchange students

    Computer Science Master – field of study autonomous systems, IT-management or software engineering

    Application-oriented computer science

    In the application-oriented master program in Computer Science (M. Sc.), you will acquire both in-depth theoretical knowledge of computer science and knowledge suitable for practical application. In addition, you will expand your methodological and problem-solving skills as well as key qualifications and deepen your expertise in a particular area of IT. You will be trained for highly qualified IT tasks as well as management positions in business, industry or research.

    Are you interested in the scientific approach of practically usable computer science? Do you want to qualify for a technically demanding job, possibly with personnel responsibility? Then open up financially attractive higher positions in the working world of computer science.

    Your choice: Field of study

    When you apply, you decide on one of the fields of study:

    • Autonomous systems

      Autonomy, i.e. the ability to react independently to the environment, is becoming increasingly important in technical applications. For the development of such systems, you will learn methods from the fields of real-time processing, robotics, machine learning and vision, mobile systems as well as 3D algorithms and 3D modeling.

    • IT-management

      The effective and intelligent management of IT in an organization is a key success factor for companies nowadays. In order to successfully take on this task, you will deal with methods for designing business processes, data analysis, strategic IT-management and leadership, as well as enterprise resource planning business processes and systems, IT security and IT law.

    • Software engineering

      The creation of high-quality software and databases - especially in the context of mobile or highly scalable systems - is an important field of work in IT. Therefore, you will deal with e.g. model-driven software development, reactive programming, agile and mobile development, cloud solutions, IT security, databases and information management.




    Good reasons for master Computer Science at HTWG Konstanz

    1. Excellent career perspective

    Due to the increasing use of professional IT solutions in all industries, the demand for well-trained computer scientists is continuously growing. This offers you excellent career opportunities and the chance to shape the future of technology and contribute your own ideas.

    2. Options

    Whether you are interested in autonomous systems, IT management or software engineering, we offer you the appropriate field of study. You can choose a canon of subjects and select topics for the team project and the final thesis.

    3. Practical relevance and research orientation

    Practice is very important to us. Our professors bring along several years of professional experience in various fields of industry and research. You will work on practical topics for an extended period of time during the team project and thesis.

    4. Study where others spend their vacations

    At HTWG Konstanz you study in a prime location: directly on Lake Constance. Within five minutes, you can walk downtown. In winter, beautiful ski resorts await you in the nearby Alps.

    Course of studies in Computer Science

    The study program comprises three semesters (90 ECTS). When applying, you have already decided on one of the three fields of study.

    • Compulsory courses (25 ECTS) incl. a team project lasting two semesters

      In addition to regular courses, the compulsory part includes a seminar course, which has the goal that you learn and deepen your scientific work, as well as a two-semester team project, in which you work together in a small group on a challenging project chosen by you.


    • Elective courses (35 ECTS)

      In the elective area, you can compile your subjects individually from a wide range of current topics, whereby 25 ECTS of the elective subjects must be from the subject catalog of the respective field of study.

    • Master thesis and examination (30 ECTS)

      You will complete your master degree with a six-month thesis - at the university or in cooperation with a company - as well as an oral examination.

    You have the possibility to integrate stays abroad into your studies. Comparable study achievements can be recognized after prior approval.

    Documents incl. manual of courses and links to further documents (in German): Please select the German web presence and choose the tab "Dokumente".

    Career profile and perspectives

    The Master's program in Computer Science (M. Sc.) trains you for highly qualified IT tasks as well as management positions in business, industry or research. Your skills are in demand at companies in all industries. The skills you acquire during your studies offer you a high degree of flexibility in the job market.

    As a graduate in autonomous systems, you can play a significant role in the planning and development of autonomous systems, for example, at IT companies, but also at industrial companies with a growing IT content, such as the automotive industry.

    As a graduate in IT-management, you can, for example, take over control and coordination tasks in a company or in consulting, thereby supporting the increase in corporate value.

    As a graduate of software engineering, you can take on qualified tasks related to software development, e.g. at software providers or IT companies that have their own development department.

    The degree program opens up excellent career opportunities and offers you very good earning and career perspectives. The degree also provides you with the best prerequisites for self-employment. The master degree also eligibes you to obtain a doctorate.

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    Admission requirements

    The admission requirement for the master program in computer science is a university degree in computer science, business information systems, automotive information technology, intelligent mobility systems, healthcare computer science or a related field with a grade of at least 2.4 (according to the German system - for transfer please contact the so-called Studienkolleg). Applicants from a related field (e.g. media informatics, electrical engineering, industrial systems design, e-business) are welcome and must provide evidence of at least 60 ECTS credits in Computer Science subjects (pure informatics, not e.g. mathematics).


    Admissions are made using a selection process that includes a personal selection interview.
    to the admission regulations for master programs (in German)


    Apply now: By using our online application process, you submit an application for admission to our Registration Office. Please note that the transfer of your degree into the German system is necessary for the application, therefore contact the so-called Studienkolleg in advance.

    Application deadlines

    You can start your studies in the winter and summer semester. The application deadline for the winter semester is June 1st of the respective year, for the summer semester it is December 1st.

    For a complete overview of the application process, click "Apply Now."

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    Further information needed?

    Information for degree-seeking students (Bachelor's or Master's degree)

    Special information for international applicants and contact persons for formal issues (excluding study programs)
    Information for international applicants

    For questions about your studies in general:
    Advising Guide and central Student Advisory Service

    You need personal advice regarding the study program itself?

    If you have any questions about the Computer Science program (M. Sc.), please contact:

    Program director
    The program director will advise you on

    • questions regarding program related content
    • admission requirements in respect to computer science content
    • recognition of credits already obtained

    Student counseling computer science
    Are you interested in a consultation about the study program? Feel free to contact the student counseling of the department of Computer Science. Please note: Information on the recognition of credits already obtained can only be obtained from the program director.

    Prof. Dr. Georg Umlauf
    Member of deanery, program director master Computer Science, director of the Institute for Optical Systems (IOS)
    Room F 031
    +49 7531 206-702

    Office hours
    by appointment

    Questions regarding the study program: Sarah Kunkel (M.A.)
    Student counseling
    Room O 203
    +49 7531 206-656

    Office hours
    Mon - Wed: office, Thu - Fri: via phone, email or video; by appointment: counseling in person, by telephone or video

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