Information for Doctoral Students

    Would you like to pursue a PhD? And you’re interested in research topics with practical applications? Doctoral students with university of applied sciences or university degrees can pursue a cooperative PhD at the HTWG Konstanz.

    Cooperative Doctoral School

    Around 50 doctoral students are working on their PhDs in collaboration with their advisors at the HTWG Konstanz in conjunction with universities in Germany and abroad.
    The universities of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg, similar to almost all other German Federal states, are not technically allowed to grant doctoral degrees. Our professors, however, can supervise PhD students via a university that is entitled to award doctorates. The PhD studies are done at the HTWG Konstanz, while the process then officially takes place in the specific department or graduate school of the cooperating university. The collaborative supervision and evaluation by a professor at a university of applied sciences and a professor at a second university is termed Cooperative PhD.


    Doctoral Studies at the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz

    Doctoral students at the HTWG Konstanz carry out research on topics that are practically-oriented with real-world applications. They mainly work on research projects funded by grants or as part of collaborative projects with companies. Many receive scholarships or pursue their PhDs while working.

    PhD projects are supervised by professors in their own research areas, guaranteeing the best possible, professional advising.

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    The majority of PhD students are members of the Cooperative Doctoral School at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences. In addition to advising PhD students and prospective students, the Cooperative Doctoral School offers its members additional qualifications via a cross-disciplinary course of studies. All of our PhD students and prospective students are invited to attend the annual summer colloquium.

    You can find additional information about the research areas (as well as links to projects and institutes), programs, and much more at the Cooperative Doctoral School website:

    See Cooperative Doctoral School at the HTWG Konstanz

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