Civil Engineering Department in Brief

  • 3 bachelor’s programs
  • 3 master’s programs - the master’s program "Civil Engineering and Management" is organisationally anchored in the Mechanical Engineering Department. "International Project Engineering” is offered in cooperation with the Electrical Engineering Department
  • 20.5 faculty positions
  • qualified adjunct faculty instructors from industry
  • 580 Students
  • well-equipped, modern labs
  • public testing laboratory
  • Lake Constance 5D-Conference
  • an active student body as well as …
  • our own football team

Degree programs

The Civil Engineering Department offers a solid and practical education in civil and environmental engineering as well as engineering and management. Our graduates work for companies and design offices, in the construction and real estate industries, in environmental engineering as well as the public sector.

The Civil Engineering Department currently offers three bachelor’s and three master’s programs. Two of the master’s programs are offered in conjunction with other departments.

Contacting the Civil Engineering Department

Contact the Dean’s Office

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roman Kemmler

    Areas of Expertise: Engineering Mechanics and Structural Analysis

  • Room C 011b
    +49 7531 206-728

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sylvia Stürmer

    Areas of Expertise: Building Materials, Building Physics, Buildung Renovation and Preservation of Architectural Monuments

  • Room G 056
    +49 7531 206-225

Contact office

Alumni Group of the faculty Civil Engineering

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