Teaching, Quality and Digital Transformation

    About Us

    The HTWG Konstanz is committed to the educational mission of the Germany-wide universities of applied sciences format. At the same time, it uses its own local strategic goals as an orientation. Initiatives, measures and projects in the area of teaching target qualitative high-value and practically-oriented teaching that promotes potential and innovation in an interdisciplinary and international environment. We aim to improve the academic success of an increasingly diverse student body without having to compromise on our educational targets. In order to achieve this, the teaching conditions should be continually improved in order to strengthen instructors’ identification with their roles so that they nurture students and continue to develop their personal teaching methods in an autonomous and proactive manner.

    The Department of Teaching, Quality and Digital Transformation at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences Konstanz supports our faculty by improving concrete teaching conditions as well as in the development and testing of teaching projects. We also organize and coordinate continuing education training for all instructors and support departments in further developing degree programs within the framework of accreditation processes and the university-wide quality management system. Vice President Teaching, Quality and Digital Transformation, Prof. Dr. Thomas Birkhölzer, heads the department. The Senate Representative for Teaching, Prof. Dr. Silke Michaelsen, and the E-Learning Advisor, Dr. Sabine Allweier, support the department.


    Members of the Department