Business German and Tourism Management

    A cooperation between the Asian Studies program at the HTWG Konstanz and selected partner universities in ASIA: In this cooperation program, Asian students first complete a two-year program at their home universities, then finish their degree with a two-year program in Konstanz. Graduates earn a bachelor’s degree from both universities.

    Important Information for Winter Semester 2021/22

    The winter semester starts on October 04, 2021. As not all students are able to travel to Germany during the pandemic, all classes will continue to be offered in hybrid mode, meaning that the students will be offered the opportunity to attend all classes online, too.

    Living in Konstanz

    This section provides information about the important issue of where you will stay during your studies at the HTWG Konstanz. WDT students normally live in dorms run by the Konstanz student union, Seezeit. The dorm rooms are reserved for a two-year period before you leave your home country and are available immediately after your arrival in Konstanz. All dorms are located close to the HTWG Konstanz campus.

    WDT students also can share flats which pair two international students with two German students. Each student in the shared flat has a single room with a bed, wardrobe, and desk. Students share a bathroom, fully-equipped kitchen and a washing machine. All flats have WIFI. Bedding can be purchased from the dorm management. Remember to inform them before your arrival. Also keep in mind: if you bring your own electrical devices, you will need an adapter for the German sockets.
    These shared flats are a good way to quickly make contacts with other students, and you have the advantage of always having someone to talk to. The rooms cost between EUR 260 - 370 per month depending on the dorm. The rooms are assigned by a lottery system.

    HTWG Konstanz (location via Google Maps)

    Around Lake Constance (YouTube video about the beautiful surroundings and landscape of the Lake Constance region)


    Working in Konstanz

    Many students get a part-time job to support themselves during their studies. Students can earn up to EUR 480 per month through such part-time jobs (known as “mini jobs”) or student assistant positions on campus. During the regular study period, they are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week.