Asian Studies and Management: China

    Get a degree in only three and a half years from one of Germany’s most unique academic programs and get your passport for the business world of the 21st century.

    Meet & Greet

    All first semester students admitted to the program will receive an invitation to our Meet & Greet event. As the name implies, this is a welcoming event for new students organized by our second-semester students. Join us for the Campus Rally and a “pub crawl" to learn about student life at the HTWG Konstanz and the city of Konstanz.

    First-Semester Students Event

    The official welcoming event for new students in the Asian Studies and Management department takes place at the start of each semester. The entertaining event includes the dean’s official welcome speech, information about your studies, not to mention the raffle where you can win some cool prizes. This will help you get your studies off to a good start.





    AS Dialogues

    One of the highlights of the winter and summer semesters is the Asian Studies Dialogues event, where students returning from their year abroad present first-hand information about their experiences at foreign universities, companies and organizations. This is a great opportunity to prepare for your own year abroad and get to know other students in the program. We also invite local business people and alumni from our program to discuss their experiences and career paths. The event comes to a close with a relaxing evening in the Asian Studies Lounge.