The HTWG Konstanz Library is responsible for all questions concerning the supply of literature to the HTWG. In addition to university members, all external users are welcome also

    Access to Online Resources

    You can find online media resources by using the research tools in the “Literatur und Suche" function. The following section describes how to access full text versions of licensed eBooks and eJournals:


    • Campus Network

      HTWG Konstanz faculty, staff and students can normally access all online media using a single registration from all computers in the campus network.

    • Off-Campus - VPN Connection

      HTWG Konstanz students, faculty and staff can access these licensed services off-campus (outside the campus network) via a VPN connection. Your computer requires a VPN configuration that allows you to dial into the university network using your HTWG Konstanz account. For questions about VPN and registration, please contact the help desk at the HTWG Konstanz Computer Center.

    • Using the HTWG Konstanz Account (Shibboleth)

      For specific data bases or eBooks, it is possible to log in directly with your personal HTWG Konstanz account via the "Shibboleth” system. This method does not require any special computer configuration.

      This is how it works:

      1. Select the login button for an institutional login or Shibboleth login.
      2. Depending on the provider, it may be necessary to select the HTWG Konstanz from a list of countries or institutions (DFN-AAI).
      3. This will lead you to a login screen for the HTWG Konstanz where you can login using your individual HTWG Konstanz account.

    Exceptions and restrictions

    External library patrons can access our online resources from computers in the library.

    BeckOnline and the Beck-eBibliothek can currently be accessed externally viaBeckOnline with home-access via VPN .You can print documents; downloads however are not possible.

    E-Books - some publishers only allow limited printing and downloading of their eBooks. The specific use and access possibilities are described in detail for each provider in the list of eBook portals.