Teaching and Quality Management

    Quality Management

    The quality of our programs and teaching has always been at the forefront for the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences. The demands on institutes of higher learning to display their qualities in the competition to attract the best students and to orient themselves to a set of comparable criteria have increased significantly over the last 10 years. The HTWG Konstanz has been addressing the systematic discussion about quality management and quality assurance of the degree programs since 2010 and adopted a „quality management concept“, which was put to the test in 2014 by the question of whether to obtain a system accreditation for our university. The senate made a preliminary decision in January 2015 not to pursue such an accreditation. Instead, the university-wide QM system will be developed further in the direction of streamlining the program accreditation process and providing more central support for the departments in the application process. The campus-wide quality management system at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences is an integrative, working QM system and not imposed from above or prescriptive.


    HTWG Konstanz Strategy

    To distinguish our institute of higher learning and further develop quality management, the presidium initiated a strategy process in 2014 in which the campus-wide goals and values of the HTWG Konstanz as well as a vision and mission were developed. The departments further develop their degree programs in the context of the HTWG Konstanz strategy and formulate quality goals for this purpose.



    Visionary - we love experimentation We aim for innovation in teaching, research and continuing education. We help shape the future with new formats, independent thinking and groundbreaking ideas.

    Unlimited - we are interdisciplinary and internationally networked. We design new spaces and expand horizons collaboratively.

    In motion - in a region shaped by moving waters, we have established a culture that is refreshingly open for new ideas, creating space for inspiration, enthusiasm and thinking outside the box.

    Life-like - we offer opportunities and the freedom to think and act in innovative ways. We enable our staff to find structured solutions to current real-life issues.

    Respect - we’re considerate of one another. We value and support different talents, learn from one another and together look for the best way to achieve something. We take responsibility for the environment and society.

    Authentic - our roots are in the applied sciences. We live what we preach. We know what our goals are.


    The HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences Konstanz is an interdisciplinary and internationally active institute of higher learning, rooted in the Lake Constance region that spans 4 countries. We are a leader in promoting innovation and potential thanks to our high-quality, relevant teaching, research, transfer of knowledge and continuing education.

    We take internationalization seriously and are a recognized partner for science, business and the general public.

    Humanism, authenticity, reliability, respect, free-flowing creativity, visionary thinking, the joint will to create opportunities and an enthusiastic environment. These all characterize the HTWG Konstanz.


    The university committees work together with all campus staff in an engaged and active matter to implement the vision of the HTWG Konstanz in its corresponding areas of responsibility into concrete measures on the basis of our values and inspire enthusiasm for them.


    The HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences has an internal evaluation system in place that uses specific survey tools in order to obtain systematic feedback about the success of our programs and the college’s continuing development. An external evaluation of our degree programs is done in the form of accreditations carried out by certified agencies.