Lake Constance Arts & Sciences Association

The HTWG Konstanz has been an active member of the Lake Constance Arts & Sciences Association since its foundation. Rector Prof. Olaf Harder (1980 - 2006) played a major role in the foundation of the Association.

In 1998, the International Lake Constance Conference (IBK), the conference of the countries and cantons bordering Lake Constance, commissioned its Commission "Education, Science and Research" to initiate cross-border cooperation among universities in the Lake Constance region. The Lake Constance Arts & Sciences Association was created to realise this idea. Currently, 25 universities from Germany, the Principality of Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland are cooperating under its name.

The member universities form an active network and thus use synergies to their mutual advantage. Universities, researchers, lecturers and students exchange knowledge and resources. Projects for structural development and for study and research purposes are part of the cooperation agreements concluded multilaterally by the members. The prerequisite for joint projects between universities is that national borders are crossed.

What began in 1999 has now become strong regional cooperation. The universities are constantly strengthening their contacts with each other. By developing and offering new courses of study, they expand not only their training and further education potential, but that of the entire Lake Constance region.

Module Mobility Between the Member Universities

Students enrolled at one of the member universities in the Lake Constance Arts & Sciences Association can now – starting in the winter semester 2023-24 – take a class or module at one of the other member universities. That means HTWG Konstanz students can request to take classes at one of the 25 member schools in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein and thereby benefit from the wide array of courses at their disposal.

If you’re interested, please contact Mrs. Jasmin Waurich at the HTWG International Office.