Student Orientation

    Are you trying to figure out what you want to study? The HTWG Konstanz helps prospective students answer this question by offering numerous events, both on-campus and digital, as well as individual advising sessions. This page gives you an overview of our extensive offerings.

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    STEM Support at the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz

    The HTWG Konstanz helps prepare and supports students taking STEM classes at our university. The STEM courses - science, technology, engineering and mathematics - are essential in the technical majors offered at the HTWG Konstanz. We offer a wide-range of courses to help get students ready for these essential courses - already in high schools. On this page, you’ll find the various programs and workshops we provide to prepare you for STEM courses.

    STEM mentoring program for female high school student

    The STEM-mentoring program is especially designed for young women interested in studying in one of the technical fields. 

    Participants in this program are paired with a mentor who introduces them to different degree programs and campus life. This helps to ease their transition to studying at a university.

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    Girls'Day at the HTWG Konstanz

    Girls'Day is an annual event at the HTWG Konstanz for female middle school and high school students. This event, usually held in April, gives pupils a glimpse of technical occupations that don’t traditionally attract nor are particularly geared towards women. 

    The Girls’ Day event draws technical businesses and departments, as well as universities of applied sciences, research institutions and similar organizations that offer a series of events for the young women. The participants get to experience how interesting and exciting it can be to work in a lab, office or workshop.

    For information about on-going events and the current Girls'Day program:

    Girl'sDay at the HTWG

    Mathematics Refresher Course

    If you would like to brush up on your math skills before starting your studies, you can take part in our viaMINT (STEM) program. The viaMINT program is an interactive online learning environment to help prospective students review high school content, particularly in mathematics, and help ease the transition into their studies.

    viaMINT program  

    Mathematics Preparatory Courses

    You can take the preparatory math courses once you have enrolled at the HTWG Konstanz.

    HTWG Konstanz offers preparatory math courses for students in degree programs that require strong math skills. These courses help students brush up their school math skills to help them get off to a good start in their studies.

    The preparatory course are tailor-made for the degree programs and have proven to be useful for students starting their studies at the HTWG Konstanz.

    Study Groups for Mathematics and Engineering Mechanics

    We have also set up various math study groups for students who need a bit of extra math support later their studies.

    These study are primarily for students studying mathematics and engineering and are taught by instructors and student assistants.    

    For more information, see our flyer "Study Groups for Mathematics and Engineering Mechanics"

    Mathematics Course: “Consolidation of Fundamentals”

    The “Consolidation of Fundamentals“ is a set of courses covering basic math skills for students in the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and Civil Engineering programs. The courses are designed to help each individual student achieve the math skills needed in these programs.