Business law

    Bridging the gap between law and business


    Degree: Bachelor of Laws (LL. B.)

    Departments: Business, Cultural, and Legal Studies

    Program Type: Full-time
    Language of Instruction: German
    Length of Studies: 7 semesters

    Start of Studies: Winter semester (WS) and summer semester (SS)
    Standard Class Size: 36
    Application Deadline: July 15th (WS), January 15th (SS)

    Accreditation: Seal of the German Accreditation Council until Sept. 30th 2027

    Please note that this is primarily a German-language degree program. You will need C1 level German skills to attend full time. A number of courses are offered in English. Exchange students are welcome to take these classes. Click here for more information. Get your credentials recognized or learn about our German preparation program here.



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    Good Reasons to get a bachelor's degree in business law



          ... Business law is an interdisciplinary program at the interface between law and management We train lawyers to have an in-depth understanding of economic and business issues.

    • Business Law at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of courses which give our graduates great flexibility when starting their careers.



      The curriculum includes four practically-oriented specializations.



      Our graduates have excellent career prospects.



      You study in small groups in a personal atmosphere witha very good professor-student ratio.





      Numerous extra-curricular activities complement the required classes, such as our mentoring program, excursions, lectures, and lots of celebrations.




    • Foundation Studies

      The first two semesters in the program are the foundation studies. This provides students with basic knowledge in both law and business administration and is concerned with issues such as how contracts are completed, how representation works, and what property actually is. It also focuses on the basics of business administration, the purpose of accounting, and the importance of cost and performance accounting. Students complete this part of their studies by passing the intermediate bachelor’s exam.

    • Main Studies - Part 1

      The main studies are divided into two parts: They include the two semesters prior to and following the internship semester (described below). In the first part of the main studies, we take a more-detailed look at the fundamentals covered previously, while covering specific business law topics. When can an employment contract be terminated, and how do collective labor agreements work? Am I allowed to simply download music? What is a brand? How are balance sheets prepared? What is the managing director of a limited liability company allowed to do? What can the board of a publically limited company do? How do you actually manage employees and what is a good leadership style?

    • Internship Semester

      The fifth semester is the integrated internship semester, where students spend the entire semester in a company, working as a business lawyer.

    • Main Studies - Part 2

      After the internship semester, students deal with issues such as leadership and strategy, as well as with specific, highly practical business law issues that include data protection and business crime. We offer four specialization focuses during the winter semester; students take project management and two electives in the summer semester.

    • Degree

      At the end of your studies, students write a bachelor’s thesis, if desired in cooperation with a company, and complete their studies with a Bachelor’s Degree of Laws (LL.B.).

    Specialization Topics

    Students choose their specialization at the beginning of the sixth semester.

    • Compliance / Corporate

      Each company’s must follow the rules. Sounds pretty easy actually. But in reality, laws are broken every day, sometimes consciously, sometimes due to pressure, sometimes even unconsciously. What risks is a company therefore exposed to and how can one minimize such risks?

    • Contract Management / Negotiations

      All companies work with contracts which always need to be renegotiated, revised and adjusted. This specialization focusses on complex negotiation processes and how contracts are formulated, also regarding the digitalization of the working world.

    • Innovation and Law

      How do lawyers handle innovations (inventions, developments, etc.) in a company and what can a company do to protect its innovations (such as counterfeiting)?

    • Organizational Structure and Taxes / International Tax Law

      This specialization is intended for students interested in tax consulting and auditing. Building on the tax courses taken previously, tax law issues are considered using many different business transaction examples.

    Occupational Profile

    Business lawyers are lawyers with an in-depth understanding of business issues. Our graduates are, on the one hand, adept at the typical legal thinking, working and argumentation style, yet in addition understand and can take business aspects into consideration.

    Business lawyers have a very broad professional range: they work in all company departments in which (also) legal issues are dealt with, including legal, finance, sales, procurement, human resources and compliance departments.

    Graduates find employment in companies of all types and sizes, in all branches. They are also hired by auditing, tax consulting or legal firms.


    What students think about us

    • „Business and law are NOT dry! You deal with exciting, practical, current issues throughout the studies, and this shows us where we’re needed in the real world.

      Camilla Efler - graduate

    • “You have to imagine a diverse program offering a wide range of legal and business courses. This wide range of courses allows you to find out what suits you and what doesn’t. The master’s program offers you the opportunity to choose a specialization. However, finding an entry-level position is also easy with the bachelor’s degree – I immediately found a job.“

      Saskia Moser - graduate and consultant in the area of human capital mobility services for a tax and auditing company

    • “Business and law are closely connected in nearly all areas of business practice. So why not connect both disciplines? A simple logical consequence, the correctness of which, according to my experience in the internship semester, can be seen, among other things, in the thorough preparation for the internship and the favorable feedback I received from it.”

      Manuel Treiterer, graduate and student in master’s program

    • “I felt comfortable in the Business Law department right away. The professors all come from upper management and can spice up their lectures with exciting stories from their experience. The small group work and the low number of students also supports learning.”

      Fabian Niete - graduate and consultant in the area of global compliance and reporting for a tax and auditing company

    • “The problem in the first semester was having to deal with the “legalese” - we all felt that way in my group. Despite my original reservations, I successfully completed my studies. Thanks to the Business Law program, I found my way to human resources, where I now feel very much at home.”

      Kristina Karkauskaite - graduate and recruiter in a mid-sized company