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    Connecting Teaching, Research and Continuing Education

    At the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences we see ourselves as an interface between science, industry and the community. Members of the HTWG Konstanz faculty and staff are involved in higher education policy committees, research clusters and interest groups both in Germany and abroad.

    A brief sample:


    • Educational partnerships with schools

      Networking with schools and educational institutions is a top priority for the University of Applied Sciences. Our goal is to support prospective students during the orientation phase and to prepare them for studying at our university. Teachers at schools and other educational institutions also need to know what we expect from future students.

      We have educational partnerships with these schools:
      Ellenrieder-Gymnasium Konstanz
      Evangelische Schule Schloss Gaienhofen
      Gebhardschule Konstanz
      Salem Kolleg Überlingen

      These partnerships allow high school students to establish close ties to the university and gives them the opportunity to learn how students manage the workload and the requirements for different majors. The exchange between teachers at both institutions is complementary and helps further improve students’ transition from school to the university.


    Research and Transfer

    • European University Association

      European University Association

      The HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences is proud to be a member of the EUA, a group of exceptionally strong research-oriented universities of applied sciences.

    • Baden-Württemberg Center of Applied Research (BW-CAR)

      Baden-Württemberg Center for Applied Research (BW-CAR)

      Researchers from the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences are active at the Baden-Württemberg Center for Applied Research (BW-CAR). The research competences of the 24 member universities of applied sciences in the state are divided into seven research focuses including interdisciplinary research areas.

    • Internationale Bodensee Hochschule (International Association of Universities in the Lake Constance Region)

      Internationale Bodenseehochschule

      30 universities and colleges from Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland have been cooperating for over 15 years under the name Internationale Bodenseehochschule, IBH. This association is a network of member colleges from the countries surrounding Lake Constance. This covers the geographical area of the so-called International Lake Constance Conference (Internationale Bodenseekonferenz, IBK), a political collaboration between these countries established in 1972. Member colleges, researchers, faculty and students exchange knowledge and resources creating synergies and advantages for all.

      Numerous research projects are carried out within this cooperation, many under the leadership of researchers at the HTWG Konstanz. The IBH supports projects in the areas of teaching, research and development, knowledge and technology transfer as well as structure building. Collaborative and cross-border projects support the development of the regional economy and bundle competences. In cooperation with businesses, they also play a role in promoting innovation processes and strengthening research networks. The only requirement for collaborative projects between colleges and universities is that at least two countries must be involved.

      Our university's president, Prof. Dr. Carsten Manz, is part of the 5-member board of directors and responsible for the area of knowledge and technology transfer. In addition, HTWG Konstanz staff are active in IBH working groups (e.g., the Communication Department, coordination of equality and diversity).

    • Regional networks

      The HTWG Konstanz University of Applied Sciences is a member of various cluster initiatives in the four countries bordering Lake Constance, including:

          Competence Network CyberLago: This network brings together companies in IT, web technology and digital media in Konstanz and the Lake Constance region to promote digital competence and the collaboration between business and science.

          Network for Life Sciences BioLAGO: The goal of this cross-border network is to strengthen the life sciences sector, cross-border collaboration and location development in the Lake Constance area. This also includes public relations activities and providing continuing education about current industry issues.

          Cluster BodenseeAIRea: The university, and particularly its continuing education institutes, is closely linked to the cluster initiated by the aerospace companies in the Lake Constance region. Prof. Dr. Carsten Manz is, as the university's president, a member of the steering committee.

    • Strategic partnerships with companies in the region

      Contacts to business and industry are important for the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences in order to find out directly what businesses require from graduates. Additionally, the HTWG can obtain key questions to help guide research and teaching. Departments regularly invite guest speakers from companies and institutions in order to promote the exchange of ideas on campus.

      In addition, the on-campus company fairs organized by the Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Business, Cultural, and Legal Studies departments help establish and maintain contacts between faculty, students and companies. Our goal is to form even stronger bonds between the HTWG Konstanz and interesting companies by further facilitating research cooperation. This collaboration with companies build bridges that cross borders.

    • Lake Constance Center of Innovation 4.0

      The Lake Constance Center for Innovation 4.0 (BZI) , which was founded in February 2016 at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences in close collaboration with the International Lake Constance Conference (IBK) and the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, also helps support partnerships between the four countries surrounding Lake Constance. The BZI 4.0 promotes the exchange between business, science and administration in order to support mid-sized companies and their partners with the various challenges of digital transformation. This helps secure the competitiveness of the region.

    • Technology Center Konstanz (TZK)

      The Technology Center Konstanz (TZK), organized as an association, supports projects focused on developing new products and services. They have been supporting mainly start-ups and recently founded companies in the areas of modern technologies, innovative processes and services for over 30 years now. More than 180 start-up companies have benefited from this support, including many led by graduates from our university. The TZK is home to the Konstanz Start-Up Network, a university network of all institutions in Konstanz that provide assistance for start-ups and those interested in setting up their own business. The university's president Prof. Dr. Carsten Manz is a member of the board.

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