Tasks and Organization

(Excerpt § 19 Higher Education Law):

The senate shall decide in matters of research, artistic practice, artistic developmental projects, teaching, studies, dual and continuing education - in so far as these are not assigned by law to another central body, the departments or degree programs.

  • Members by virtue of their positions:

        Executive Board


        Equal Opportunities Representative

  • Members based on elections:

        Six professors

        Five Students

        Four staff members

          The term for students is 1 year; 4 years for other members.

  • Members

    Senate members in the fall semester 2018/19

    • Executive Board:
      Prof. Dr. Carsten Manz, President and Chairman of the Senate Prof. Dr. Oliver Haase, Vice President for Research
      Prof. Dr. Beate Bergé, Vice President for Teaching & Quality Management
      Dr. Andrea Veith, Chancellor
    • Deans:
      Prof. Myriam Gautschi, Dean AG
      Prof. Dr. Heiko Denk, Dean BI
      Prof. Dr. Thomas Birkhölzer, Dean EI
      Prof. Dr. Jürgen Neuschwander, Dean IN
      Prof. Dr. Klaus Schreiner, Dean MA
      Prof. Dr. Gabriele Thelen, Dean WS
    • Equal Opportunities Representative:
      Prof. Dr. Kerstin Schaper-Lang
    • Professors:
      Prof. Dr. Susanne Engelsing,
      Prof. Dr. Jürgen Freudenberger,
      Prof. Dr. Burkhard Lege,
      Prof. Dr. Johannes Reuter,
      Prof. Thilo Rothacker,
      Prof. Dr. Stefan Schweiger,
    • Staff Members:

          Sabine Bethge, WS

          Dr. Adrian Ciupuliga, KOM

          Thomas Strobel, GM Departmen

    • Academic Staff Members:
    • Students:

          Dennis Jendel, BI

          Julia Leinweber, WS

          Victoria Mayer, WS

          Robert Strom, WS

          Fabian Poll, MA

  • HTWG Konstanz Public Announcements


    Only faculty, staff and students can access HTWG Konstanz Public Announcements made by the senate. This is done by logging in to the HTWG Konstanz website.