Dekoratives grafisches Element

In addition to the academic degree programs, the department also offers a wide range of additional events, projects, research institutes, as well as academic services for all students at the HTWG Konstanz. This includes the Student Projects, the Career Project Center, and the Connect Company Fair, which are particularly interesting and useful for our students.

HTWG Konstanz students can also take courses outside their majors via our academic services offerings. This includes our Extracurricular Studies program, which offers a wide range of courses, as well as the "Digital Tuesday” and "Applied Ethics" lecture series. We even have our own Language Division, where students can learn a variety of foreign languages. Students who want to go deeper into a specific topic can work in collaboration with our professors in their particular research focus areas. Or they can look into one of our many institutes, such as the Konstanz Institute for Cooperate Governance (KICG). Students can even pursue a PhD in our Cooperative Doctoral School, or get a degree or advance certificate in our part-time continuing education program .