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The internal structure of the Business, Cultural, and Legal Studies Department (WS), which can be found in the WS Organizational Chart, gives an overview of the various tasks and activities carried out in our department.

The different committees and their members can be seen below.

Committees and Organization

  • Departmental Council

    The WS departmental council meetings are open to all professors, academic and non-academic staff, as well as 10 elected students.

    The departmental council advises the department on all important issues. Its approval is required particularly for the following:

    • Structure and development plans,
    • Terms and regulations for institutes,
    • Study and Exam Guidelines for all programs,
    • Appointment proposals for professorships.


    The WS departmental council members with voting privileges are all full-time professors in the department by virtue of their positions. The general regulations of the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz determines the number of student, non-academic and academic staff delegates that can be elected to the council. The departmental council currently consists of six non-academic staff members, two academic staff members and 10 students. The dean is the chairperson of the council.


  • Dean's Office

    The dean’s office consists of the dean of the department, the deputy vice dean, as well as the deans of the three degree programs. For further contact information please click here. They are responsible for all departmental matters unless otherwise stipulated by law. The dean’s office is in particular responsible for the following:

    • Ensuring appropriate course offerings each semester
    • Supervising the institutes for research and teaching assigned to the department, as well as technology transfer
    • Setting up a budget as well as ensuring that the allocated funds are used in an appropriate and effective manner
    • Preparing the department’s structure and development plans
    • Making proposals for the functional description of a professorship,
    • Managing evaluation and accreditation tasks.
  • Study Commission

    The departmental council consists of one study commission for each of the three academic areas,

    Asian Studies (AS), Business Administration (BW), and Business Law (WR).

    Each commission includes four professors and four students that deal with tasks related to teaching and studies. The three deans of studies head the commission by virtue of their position.

    The tasks of the study commission include the following:

    •    Preparing recommendations for further developing subjects and forms of study,
    •    Responding to the department’s Study and Exam Guidelines,
    •    Making recommendations on how to use quality assurance funds distributed to the individual programs.

  • Selection Committees

    The department has set up a selection committee according to the HTWG Konstanz’s selection process statutes for the majors Asian Studies (AS) and Business Administration (BW). They are responsible for organizing, carrying out and further developing the selection process. After carrying out of the selection process, the selection committee prepares a ranking of all applicants which is then sent to the university president for approval. Students are admitted to the HTWG Konstanz on the basis of this ranking. The chairperson of the selection committee is the academic dean by virtue of their position.


    For more detail about the application and selection process, please refer to the websites for the individual bachelor’s programs: Business Administration, Business Law, and Asian Studies and Management China or South Asia and Southeast Asia and the websites for the master’s programs International Management Asia-Europe, Legal Management and Business Management.


  • Examination Committees
    • Portrait von Prof. Dr. Beate Bergé
    • Prof. Dr. Beate Bergé

      Chair of the Examination Committee, Asian Studies AS

    • Room A 323
      +49 7531 206-652

    • Portrait of Prof. Dr. Stephan Grüninger

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    • Prof. Dr. Stephan Grüninger

      Professorship in Business Administration / Subject Area: Managerial Economics + Chair of the Examination Committee, Business Administration BW

    • Room P 218
      +49 7531 206-251

    • Office hours

      Wed.: 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 a.m., registration via eMail is appreciated