Equal Opportunity and Diversity

    Family-friendly Campus

    • Mobile Toy Box

      Another way we try to make things a bit easier for you when you take your kids with you to campus is with our mobile toy box. The toy box, available from the Family Services Office, has games and other activities to keep your children occupied in class or the office. You can borrow it for a few hours or even days. Contact the Family Services Office for more information.

    • Changing Diapers and Breastfeeding on Campus

      Parents can change diapers on the HTWG Konstanz campus in the following buildings:

      Building A 1. Upper floor A190 (handicapped restroom)
      Building I (cafeteria): ground floor (handicapped restroom)
      Building L: ground floor L090 (handicapped restroom)
      Building M: ground floor M 090 (ladies restroom)
      Building O: ground floor O 092 (handicapped restroom)
      Building P: Basement K 93 (handicapped restroom)

      The HTWG Konstanz does not accept any liability for the use of these diaper changing locations. We ask you to please keep these areas clean. Please contact the Family Services Office if you have any questions or complaints.

      There is also a location for breastfeeding (as well as changing diapers) in Building G room G030 on the ground floor. 
      Please note: your student ID (Zack) card needs to be activated before you can use this room. You can do that at the Family Services Office.