How are things going for you at the HTWG Konstanz? Are you feeling a bit unsure or confused about your studies? Could you use some advising or support? The team at the Student Advising Center provides confidential and competent advising services to help you navigate your way through your studies.

    Studying and Caretaking

    The University of Applied Sciences Konstanz wants to help students with caretaking responsibilities manage their studies. The Family Services Office is here to advise you and, if needed, help you get additional support and information. 

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    Studying Timelines

    Study Timelines

    The HTWG Konstanz allows students with caretaking responsibilities to set up an individualized course schedule. The student arranges a binding schedule that is approved by the academic dean or the chairperson of the examination committee in their department (see § 3 Par. 5a of the Study and Exam Guidelines).

    For more information and how to file the request, please first set up an appointment with the Family Services Office or the advisor in your department.


    Academic Leave of Absence

    Students who are caring for a close relative are allowed to take a leave of absence according to § 7 Par. 3 of the German Caretaking Act. They are exempt from the normal study requirements during this time, but are still allowed to take courses and examinations. Please contact us for more information.  

    Grit Roth
    Family Services
    Room G 032
    +49 7531 206-388