How are things going for you at the HTWG Konstanz? Are you feeling a bit unsure or confused about your studies? Could you use some advising or support? The team at the Student Advising Center provides confidential and competent advising services to help you navigate your way through your studies.

    Problems and Crises in Your Studies

    Studying can be a challenging time for students. The transition from high school to college is a big change in terms of work load. For many students it’s also their first time away from home – which can also lead to psychological problems. Fortunately there are many ways you can get help. Here is a list of some options: 

    Improving Study Skills

    • Difficulties with Exams
    • Constantly procrastinating with important tasks
    • Problems working and concentrating
    • Constantly feeling stressed
    • Test anxiety and fear of presentations
    • Difficulties working in study groups


    The Student Advising Center is here to support you in your learning process. Set up a confidential appointment with us to reflect on and learn how to better manage your learning challenges. We will help you activate your personal resources and overcome these learning blocks.

    Send us an e-mail to set up an appointment

    Support for Psychological Problems or a Personal Crisis

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your studies or in your life in general and would like to talk to someone about personal problems or conflict situations you’re experiencing, please contact the Seezeit Psychotherapeutic Counseling Center to set up an appointment. The sessions are confidential and free of charge.

    Psychological Counseling Center (PBS) | 07531 - 206 88 7310 |

    The PBS also offers courses (such as dealing with stress), a list of self-help readings that you can download, as well as online counseling for students.

    PBS courses (in German)

    Self-Help Readings (in German)

    PBS Online Counseling

    Need someone to talk to?

    The Nightline Konstanz is a student-run telephone hotline for students at the HTWG Konstanz and the University of Konstanz. Call them if you just need someone to talk to. They’re here to listen to whatever is burdening you. You can reach the Nightline staff in the evenings when the official counseling centers run by the two universities and Seezeit are no longer available. All calls are completely anonymous. The Nightline staff is available every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 9.00 pm and 1.00 am during the semester | +49 07531 - 206

    "Students with Students"

    In this program, we offer support for both students who are experiencing or are recovering from a bout of mental illness and students with disabilities. We warmly welcome students who are currently in psychotherapeutic/psychiatric treatment or who have completed an in-patient treatment and are trying to get started with their studies again. We also welcome all students with disabilities who are struggling to manage their everyday lives at our university. It is possible to take part in this program in addition to receiving individual student advising/counseling.

    Tutor Program for Students

    There is a group of students at the HTWG Konstanz available to help other students deal with the challenges of studying. These “tutors” provide individual and practical support in the following areas:   

    •  Stress management, dealing with test anxiety, procrastination
    •  Managing everyday life as a student
    •  Planning the semester
    •  Study skills
    •  Catching up on missed classroom content
    •  Improving social contacts at the HTWG Konstanz

    Support Group

    In addition to the individual support, there is also the possibility of taking part in a support group that also deals with these issues. This group is offered by both the HTWG Konstanz and the University of Konstanz.

    To sign up or to get more information, send us an email at

    My name is Valerie Scherb and I study linguistics at the University of Konstanz. I have been with "Studis mit Studis" since 2021 and support you with any kind of difficulties that arise in everyday life or during your studies.

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