How are things going for you at the HTWG Konstanz? Are you feeling a bit unsure or confused about your studies? Could you use some advising or support? The team at the Student Advising Center provides confidential and competent advising services to help you navigate your way through your studies.

    Studying with a Disability and/or Chronic Illness

    People with disabilities and chronic illnesses have the right to equal and non-discriminatory access to higher education. The HTWG Konstanz – University of Applied Sciences has a team that is here to help you. The best way to clarify your personal questions about studying while dealing with disabilities is to set up a personal appointment with our staff:

    Our campus also offers additional information and support options if necessary. Simply call us to set up your own individualized advising session.

    Financing your Studies and Student Aid

    The Seezeit Social Counseling Department can help answer your questions about student accommodations, financing your studies and student aid. Contact them directly to set up an appointment.

    Student Dorms for Persons with Disabilities

    The Jan-Hus-Haus, a student dorm in the Rheingutstraße run by Seezeit, has seven handicapped-accessible single apartments. The Petershauser Bahnhof dorm has a barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible shared apartment. 

    Studis mit Studis

    The offer "Studis mit Studis" is an accompanying offer for students in special life situations, with personal, social or organisational stuggles in everyday life. The offer is especially directed at students with or after (mental) illness and students with disabilities.

    Information for Prospective Students

    In the HTWG Konstanz admissions process, there are regulations that permit taking individual circumstances into consideration when looking at individual applications. This means that a so-called “disadvantage compensation”, which would increase the likelihood of admission, is possible. Please turn in the corresponding request before the application deadline. All such requests must contain documentation that verifies your circumstances in order to avoid any unjustified preferential treatment.

    • Pre-Studies Orientation

      It is a good idea to get a sense of HTWG Konstanz – University of Applied Sciences Konstanz campus before you start your studies. This is particularly true for students with physical limitations, as you most certainly know. Take advantage of the student orientation events that take place throughout the year to get a glimpse what studying at our university would be like. We also recommend setting up an appointment with the academic advising staff of your degree program and/or the campus Student Advising Center. This allows you to discuss and plan for the particularities of your studies before you get here. 

    • Hardship Cases

      In certain cases, students can file a so-called “hardship application” to immediately be admitted to the university. However, a severe disability ID is not sufficient to be admitted due to hardship. Students are only admitted on a hardship basis due to truly challenging social, family or health reasons. Please contact us for more information (see contact persons above).   

    • Reducing the Waiting Period Prior to your Studies

      Waiting time here refers to the period of time between students acquiring the qualifications required to study at a German college or university and the actual start of their studies. Technically, you are not allowed to be enrolled at a German institute of higher learning during this time. However, if you have a chronic illness, you can apply to reduce this waiting time. Please contact us for more information (see contact persons above).

    Information for Students

    Universities and colleges are responsible for ensuring that students with disabilities or a chronic illness are not at a disadvantage in their studies, and that they are able to take advantage of all academic offerings without the need for external aid (see UN Disability Rights Convention,German Higher Education Framework Act § 2 Par. 4, Higher Education Law Baden-Württemberg § 2 Par. 3).

    • Disadvantage Compensation in your Studies

      Who can apply for disadvantage compensation?

      Students with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses have the right to an equal opportunity education. This involves compensating for any individual and situation-related disadvantages during one’s studies that are caused by a disability, which is referred to as disadvantage compensation. Please contact us for more details about how this works and what it would actually look like in practice (see contact persons above).

    • Academic Leave of Absence

      Students are permitted to take an academic leave of absence, if they can document the reason. One possible reason would be an illness that prevents you from attending courses or taking exams. Please contact us for more information about the type of documentation required, the length of the leave of absence, and how it impacts other aspects of your studies such as BAföG (see contact persons above).

      You can get additional information and forms here (in German).

    • Personalized Course Schedules

      Students with disabilities or chronic illness or long-term health conditions, have the option of arranging a binding personalized course schedule in their respective degree programs (see § 3 Par 5a of the Study and Exam Guidelines).

      You can find more information and the forms here (in German)

    • Alina Wolf

      Student Advisor, Person-centered systemic Coach

    • Room A 023
      +49 7531 206-105

    • Office hours

      Walk-in office hours: Wednesday 09:00-12:00 and by appointment