Student Advising Center

    The Student Advising Center (ZSB) supports current and prospective HTWG Konstanz students with all aspects of their studies: choosing a major, changing your major, and challenges in studying, preparing for exams or presenting. We're here to help you.

    The Student Advising Center (ZSB) staff supports students in all aspects related to their studies. Our focus is:

    • Professional: Our staff has the educational and professional qualifications to perform counseling, coaching and consultations. We continually expand our skills via continuing educational opportunities.
    • Independent and neutral: : In our consultations, we are committed to you and your concerns and are completely independent of the Central Examination Office and the departments.
    • Confidential: We are bound by professional secrecy. Any information you share with us, stays with us.
    • Transparent: It is important for us to make our work transparent and clear to help you come to a good decision by yourself.
    • Appreciative and personal: We focus on you and your concerns.
    • Needs-based and resource-oriented: We try to work out together with you how you can use your strengths to reach your goals.
    • Structured and solution-oriented: Our focus is on helping you develop and find solutions for the challenges you face.

    Arrange an appointment

    Open Advising Hours

    For brief inquiries and questions

    Monday 13:00-15:00 & Tuesday–Thursday 09:00-12:00

    Tel: 07531-206-777

    Alternately you can arrange a telephone counseling appointment by sending us an email:

    For working prospective students or prospective students with family obligations, we also offer evening consultations after arranging an individual appointment with us.

    Current Open Advising Hours

    please visit this link to the german page to see the latest advising hours

    If you have urgent questions regarding the organization of your studies, please contact your degree program.

    In case of crises, please contact the psychotherapeutic counseling office of Seezeit Studierendenwerk or the counseling centers of the city of Konstanz.

    • Kathrin Pallasch

      Student Advisor, Person-centered Counselor, Head of the ZSB

    • Room A 022a
      +49 7531 206 9067

    • Office hours

      Walk-in office hours by appointment

    • Alina Wolf

      Student Advisor, Person-centered systemic Coach

    • Room A 023
      +49 7531 206-105

    • Office hours

      Walk-in office hours: Wednesday 09:00-12:00 and by appointment

    • Carina Trox

      Student Advisor

    • Room A 022a
      +49 7531 206 301

    • Office hours

      Walk-in office hours: Tuesday 09:00-12:00 and by appointment

    Here you can find the general Advising Guide

    Are you feeling a bit unsure or confused about your studies? Could you use some advising or support? The team at the Student Advising Center provides confidential and competent advising services to help you navigate your way through your studies. Check the advising guide for more information.